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Youtube party – part 2

08/20/2014 Leave a comment

I forgot that I hadn’t posted this yet! Part two of the 2013 Tokyo Youtube party! It’s still the latest episode of my second Japan series, the next episode is coming this weekend!

One of the most amazing videos I’ve seen

08/18/2014 Leave a comment

I don’t want to post too many Youtube videos because it seems lazy. But it is stuff I do want to share and I post every weekday. And it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want!!

Haha… Ehum. Yes, this video below is truly one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen. It’s a Japanese woman named Miyoko Shida being on some talent TV show. She’s showing extreme concentration and at the same time showing how important balance can be in life through art and physics. Beautiful.

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All my Vines of 2013

08/15/2014 Leave a comment

Simply my latest uploaded video, containing all Vines I made in 2013.

It took a bit longer than you’d think to put this together because it was a hassel to download all the clips that I hadn’t already saved. And then they weren’t in chronological order. So I had to go through my Vine page to put them all in order.

My Vine

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