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One of the most amazing videos I’ve seen

08/18/2014 Leave a comment

I don’t want to post too many Youtube videos because it seems lazy. But it is stuff I do want to share and I post every weekday. And it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want!!

Haha… Ehum. Yes, this video below is truly one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen. It’s a Japanese woman named Miyoko Shida being on some talent TV show. She’s showing extreme concentration and at the same time showing how important balance can be in life through art and physics. Beautiful.

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Mario Seinfeld

02/21/2014 Leave a comment

I try not to post just videos on this blog, but there’s so much great stuff out there on Youtube! Gotta write a blog about just Youtube one day… Anyway! This isn’t THAT great but I love Seinfeld and I love Nintendo so it’s a really nice little thing that isn’t so bad it doesn’t work. Have a look.

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Nintendo 3DS price drop around the world

07/28/2011 Leave a comment

So even though we know Nintendo has a very very deep pocket of money, the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t sold as much as they hoped. But they still got the money from Wii and NDS holding them high. Two of the best selling consoles of all time. Now their stock has dropped to a low state not seen since 2005. The Nintendo DS had a slow start, but selling that many 3DS’s isn’t exactly bad. However, there is a price drop that will take place all over the world for the new 3D handheld. Check your region for an exact price soon. But you can read the American press release here, and the European here. But it’s pretty much the same statement.

After Sony announced the price of the Vita, the successor to PlayStation Portable, people immediately started thinking about Nintendo’s price tag on their hand held system. Now, both systems offers something different and not the least when it comes to games. So I think it’s a good thing they are priced the same. But PS Vita IS more expensive to make and it will be brand new when it comes out. So this is a very good step by Nintendo. One very surprising thing though, is that Nintendo WILL lose money on every 3DS sold. Which is something Nintendo basically never has done. That is impressive in it’s self. Satoru Iwata (the president of Nintendo of Japan) says that it’s necessary to bring things back on track.

As I’ve said before I don’t own a 3DS yet, but I very much want one. I’ve been holding off due to lack of time and lack of games and also the fear of the troubles the system has had. As well as the not being a big fan of the systems aesthetic design. But not the temptation to by one is very strong. But the more time that passes the closer we get to the obvious re-design of the system. Maybe I should wait for that one, it’ll be a first for me.

Lastly, here’s a new UK commercial for 3DS. The strange thing is how they don’t mention the glasses free 3D at all…

You gonna get one now? 

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Nintendo aiding the victims of the big Japan earthquake / Japan going digital with it’s TV broadcasting

07/26/2011 Leave a comment

Not only did Nintendo donate money to help the victims of the big disaster that struck Japan with the earthquake and tsunami in March this year. They are also sending out this package.

It includes a Nintendo DSi XL (known as LL in Japan), along with a TV tuner. Which leads me to another thing I wanted to tell you guys. Japan has now gone to only digital TV broadcasting, so I’m sure those tuners pick up the digital signal… Wish we had something like that in Sweden.

Read more…

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Japan won the women’s world cup in soccer!

07/17/2011 2 comments

Wow. What an amazing game. I just got finished watching the women’s world cup with Japan against USA on TV. After having the score at 2-2 playing on over time, it led to penalties and then they won with a strong margin.

The game was very tense and it looked like USA was going to be the winner at some stages. USA was the beforehand favored team, and for the first half and almost the whole game they were the better team. But Japan started to get in to the game already in the end of the first half, and kept growing stronger. First goal by USA, then Japan, then USA, then Japan. And Japan made their both goals at crucial times.

I was sweating and biting my nails the longer it kept going. I was tweeting a lot, so sorry to all those people that follow me and thought it was annoying. Also I screamed a lot which I’m sure my neighbors didn’t like. At the end when they won and I grabbed Akira (my cat), jumped around and screamed “Jaaa!! Jaaa!!!”, which is swedish for “Yeees! Yeees!”, I think I got a knock by some neighbor that got annoyed. At this time the clock was about 23:10 (11:10 PM) here. (Sorry!)

I love how Japan plays soccer. Both the female and male team. Though I love Japan as a country the most, my favorite team in soccer is South Korea. They too play in a special way. But my favorite players in Japan’s female team, also called Nadeshiko in Japan, are:

Sameshima Aya, Miyama Aya, Ando Kozue, Ohno Shinobu andYamaguchi Mami. Sameshima especially because she’s so cute!

I’m so happy for Japan, so great for the team to win the world cup for the first time. It’s womens soccer but still amazing. This is one of the best soccer games I’ve seen! This is also great for Japan as a nation due to the huge disaster that happened 4 months ago in the country.

Really love how the country I love, and the underdog of this match won against the strong and cocky USA team.


Read more about it here.

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Kirby TV channel

06/23/2011 Leave a comment

Oh yeah, Europe getting something exclusive for the Wii? Yeah it’s a new channel for the Wii. Not much going on with the Wii now even though I don’t complain because I got too much to play on like every systems anyway. But this is neat, today we got a Kirby related channel to download for free. It will let you watch the Kirby animated series. So awesome! I haven’t tried it out yet but I think I’ll have some cosy time with Kirby this weekend. And I love Kirby, the games and as a character. He’s my second or third favourite (haven’t decided yet) character in Smash bros. Brawl. So I like it.

The downside however, and this is just weird, is that the showing of the episodes are limited. You only got 14 days to watch an episode that comes out, then it’s removed apparently (except for the 4 first ones it seems). They will release a new episode every Monday and Thursday. So get on your Wii and download this thing! If you live in Europe that is…


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How to watch Japanese TV

06/13/2011 Leave a comment

I guess there are several ways to watch Japanese TV. (I showed you an app in another post, NHK World TV Live, but that is for foreigners about Japan) But one of the simplest ways must be KeyHoleTV. It’s a simple software that let’s you connect to a large number of TV stations. And this is life straight from Japan. The sound and video quality is rather bad, but that’s something you can deal with because it’s free and not easy to find in other ways.

You can even broadcast your own video stream on this service, so you might see someone else do this.

You can download the software here, both for Windows and Mac.

There is also an app for this but it can only be obtained on a jailbroken “iDevice”. Download “i KeyHoleTV” here.

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