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Home from Japan

10/29/2012 Leave a comment

I’ve been home for like 4 weeks and I haven’t posted anything here yet! Cause I’ve been exhausted, sick and busy. There is so much I wanna show and tell. But right now I’m uploading videos on Youtube from my trip. So before I start posting about the trip here, please go over to my channel and check them out. I got over 4 hours of footage to edit and I’m editing the 5th video right now. There will also be a one video montage of the whole trip, and after that a video with photos.

But I’m gonna try and start posting one post every day on this blog from now. Only now I feel that I’m getting back on track. But I got a lot to do and I don’t sleep enough so that’s the best I can do for now. So check out the videos and look forward to random geeky posts here again and then later more on my amazing trip to Japan.

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Picture of the month – June 2012 – I got the ticket!

06/17/2012 Leave a comment

Daaaaaaaaaamn I’m ashamed of myself. No blogging, no new videos on Youtube, no Japanese study. I just feel so exhausted from my new job. And now I’m gonna start working even more. And my place looks like shit. I really need to get my focus back on and get productive. But there are other things that makes it hard to do all this, something I won’t get in to here.

The good news though, is that I… finally bought a ticket to Japan! I’m going to Tokyo soon! It’s crazy! So unreal!

I’m going on the 12th of September, going home on the 27th the same month. So for two weeks I’ll finally live down my dream that I’ve been waiting for for about 10 years. Been waiting that long, been saving money for about 3 years. The total budget for the trip is 30.000 Swedish kroners, that’s about 4.300 USD. The ticket it self I got for 6319 KR / 907 USD. So the rest of that budget is gonna be converted in to Yen. Gonna be fun to see all that Japanese money in my hands, hihi! I just got a MasterCard just in case.

So this month’s belated picture is a photo of the printed ticket for my trip.

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Picture of the month – March 2012 – Japan in my wallet

03/08/2012 Leave a comment

Japan in my h… wallet?

This is a close up picture of a small piece of paper that I have in my wallet. It’s a bit of a map I drew a heart on an put in my wallet about 10 years ago. The map is in Swedish so that’s why you can’t read some of it. But the message is clear, I love Japan. And while I probably wouldn’t do this today I’ll just let it be there in my wallet for no special reason. Though it is kind of special. Because it’s from the time when I started to get interested in Japan and it’s a representation of my love for Japan. That is stronger than ever.

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I wish I could start again

02/15/2012 Leave a comment

I have many problems. But one problem right now gives me very little time over for something like this blog. It really makes me sad to say but it’s the truth, as well as just lacking the energy to be productive on a entertainment level. 

Main problem right now is that I don’t have a job. And that has forced me to do what The Unemployment Office tells me to do. They want me to do this internship. But it’s not any internship. At this place I learn pretty much nothing and they don’t hire people, people work there for free. I’m there 8.5 hours a day (except on Fridays when we end early), I sit in front of a PC looking at scans of old books from the 1800 century and forward. These books are written by priests, they documented where people moved in and out of the region we call “Skaraborg”, today it’s a part of “Västa Götalands län”. Think of it as a state or prefecture.

And the way they wrote back then was crazy, letters can have zero resemblance to what we read today. So it’s really hard to make out names and towns. We are to look for immigrants and then register them. I find the writing and the immigration a bit interesting actually. For about an hour… It’s so damn boring!

I try to use time there looking for jobs and writing job applications, and other stuff I’m not really allowed to do. But to get back to the point. I go up 6:45, ride my bike for 30 minutes in the cold. Sit at a computer for about 8.5 hours. Go home. Feel tired and of course you wanna do SOMETHING fun or maybe you need to do SOME chores. And on top of all this I’m in need of a job more than ever. Because I’m not getting any money from any place!

I could just walk away and say I wont do it. I would of course! But there’s a catch. I have to be registered at The Unemployment Office NOW because in about 3 months when my money run out I will turn to the Social Service, and ask them for money. The last resort. I need money to stay in my apartment, I don’t wanna lose it and if I did I don’t know what I would do with my cat Akira. They have said that I now need to be doing this in order to get money when I do apply for economical support.

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Picture of the month – January 2012 – Japanese folders

01/05/2012 Leave a comment

My beautiful iPhone homescreen  

So the year is here, 2012, the year I go to Japan. I have chosen the month of August as my frame of travel. But the year hasn’t started well at all… Without going too much in to detail, I have to find a job fast.  If I don’t… I might loose my apartment shortly. Which is something terrible to me. I don’t even wanna think about it, but I have to use that fear to fuel my motivation to find a job. Which I’m sooo bad at and the reason I still don’t have a job. So i need to focus on that now. That is one of the reasons I haven’t and won’t post as much here.

This months picture is of my iPhone home screen. I actually don’t remember if I’ve posted it on my blog before. But as you can see it’s awesome. It has the nekomimi wallpaper, nicely arranged apps and a few tweaks made possible by jailbreak. As well as a newer change which is that I’ve written the folder names in Japanese. The read from the left, kontakuto, nihongo, mise and geemu. Whic translates to contact(s), Japanese, shop and game(s)


12/22/2011 2 comments

Merry Christmas! God jul as we say in Sweden, and meri kurisumasu as they say in Japan!

I’m surprised by the view count I’m getting even though I’m not posting anything. I don’t know if it’s all spammers, new people or some people who actually check back here. You know, if you are new to this blog, then there are a ton of posts to check out if you go back. However,  I haven’t stopped posting, I’m just having major problems. I have no idea when I’ll start posting more often, things are looking more bad than better…

I just wanted to thank you for that. And for all the people who have and are reading my blog. And wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you.


I got Tumblr

11/28/2011 Leave a comment

I had no idea was such a nice blog creator. Almost wish I had gone with that site instead of this. But I don’t really care. I got a Tumblr page though. But it’s gonna be for random stuff, mainly photos. So if you want some simple random stuff coming from me then check it out.

The Swedish Otaku VIEWPOINT

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