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Zootopia (spoiler free review)

05/20/2016 Leave a comment

Wow. I just saw Disney’s CGI movie Zootopia and damn it was good. I didn’t have high expectations but I didn’t have low either. I knew from the trailer and the fact that it’s Disney that it wasn’t going to be trash. But now that I’ve seen it I can say I loved it. It might be the best CGI movie I’ve ever seen. The best before this was definitely The Incredibles. Have to watch that one again to make up my mind. The best Disney movie and animated non-CGI movie to me is still Mulan though.

First, let’s get the stuff I didn’t like or understand out of the way first. These are very small things I noticed. For example, the cord for Judy’s headphones when laying on the table were way too short. Another animation related thing. The sloth’s mouths looked off to me. Was that done on purpose? They move slow and they speak with long pauses between words but they didn’t speak the words in slow motion. Still their mouth didn’t move with the words a lot so it looked like their mouths were just speakers. Something I didn’t like.

I really don’t understand what she meant with it being ok for bunnies to can call other bunnies cute but not for other animals to call bunnies cute… Can someone explain this to me?

Why did they not take pictures of the evidence in that one scene!? No excuse for them not to. It should be common sense to a police officer. The movie was dealing with recording of evidence the whole time. Just didn’t make sense to me. I guess she was just too confident.

And one big thing I didn’t like was how predictable a certain thing in one later scene was. They gave too much away before it happened and it didn’t come as a surprise and I was left out having the feeling of uncertainty.

WHY is Judy so small?! The main rabbit character. I think she was just too small in this, it just looked weird. But then again, there are much smaller animals around in this world. And I guess that makes sense when looking at the real world.

Speaking of the real world, not only does this movie have a social commentary on the real world and a strong message that I really like. But it gives it in another metaphorical way that I don’t think we’ve seen that often before. Also, what would the world have looked liked if there were no humans? Would another animal or several animals have evolved into something with human like intelligence? I’m very interested in this sort of thing. Maybe the question sounds stupid to the people who know much more about that sort of thing than me. But unlike other talking animal movies, this one  could have a somewhat logical explanation. While still being a cartoony fantasy movie. And at the same time it’s not set in a wonderland where only one specific and powerful villain is the source of all problems.

The length of this movie is perfect. It was over 1.5 h, not too long and not short like a lot of these movies. I wouldn’t complain if it was longer though. The pacing was perfect. The movie never goes too goofy or too crazy just because it’s a cartoony movie. It never goes cringe at any moment. It’s not even very cliché. At once scene I cried. A lot because I know that feeling. I loved the main characters, the fox and the rabbit , Nick and Judy. Especially Nick. (Seems like they should really be more than friends) Liked a lot of the other characters as well. The plot was interesting and not predictable. Shakira having a role was a nice tough as well. This movie I think is very balanced and can be enjoyed by so many people, kids and adults. And it could get a lot of people to think.

Oh and of course the animation is AMAZING.

flex_tablet_zootopia_selfie_c781d089They better make a sequel.


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Video Games Live is coming to Sweden!

03/07/2014 Leave a comment


Video Games Live is a concert on tour featuring orchestrated music from video games. I really wanna go but, I’m not sure what games they play from. I’m mostly a Nintendo gamer so it would have to include a great deal from Nintendo. But what’s awesome is that it’s finally coming to Sweden! (Actually I’m not sure if it’s the first time but I haven’t been to one yet)

Click this link to see the newly announced cities around the world.

It’ll play in Stockholm on November 7th of this year. We’ll see if I want/can go or not.

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My first bluray movie! All I need now is a player…

12/12/2011 Leave a comment

 I just bought District 9 from Amazon. One of the best movies ever, a movie everyone should see.

This is my first bluray movie! Yay! And I don’t even own a bluray player yet!

I will probably buy one the day after christmas eve. In Sweden we have the big celebration on the 24th, aka best day of the year.  And then the next day, until new years eve, there is a big sale in almost every store. Called “mellandagsrean”, which translates to “the middle days sale”, because it’s in between christmas and new year. And of course I’m focusing on the electronic stores. I don’t always buy something but I always go to some of the biggest stores in town, just to have a look. Before I’ve bought a laptop and digital camera and other stuff on that day. Last year I bought my sweet HD TV. And you gotta be be quick! Pretty much only the first day counts, then most of the good deals are gone. Sometimes within the first hour. That’s why there are usually long lines and price wars. The only draw back is that you gotta get up early and stand in lines when it’s freezing outside. But I still love it!

Part of the battle is to know what store to go to. Cause you don’t have much more than a flyer that has been sent out, and it doesn’t show everything. And if one store runs out of what you want before you can even enter the store then you gotta hurry to the next and hope they still have your plan B-item. When I bought my TV last year I was late or something, so when I got there the TV I planned to buy was gone. So I hurried on to the next store, not having a plan B-item. But I found a really sweet deal for a really sweet TV. (Have I written about my TV before? I don’t think so) I bought a 42″ LG HD plasma TV for about $465. Then I dragged it home only using my body and a contraction of my bag and scarf as a lifter-thing. It was really hard and took a while to get it home. I left my bike at the store and went and got it the next day. But I was proud to have gotten it home on my own and happy to have gotten such a sweet deal.

This year I’m looking to buy a bluray-player with surround sound. Not only is my DVD-player pretty big and old, and… it’s not a bluray-player. It also broke last week for some strange reason, the disc sled wont open… I’d like it to have wi-fi or a slot for the iPhone or something along those lines. And it can’t cost more than $435. That’s the plan so far. Wish me luck.

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James Rolfe’s The Angry Video Game Nerd movie

10/17/2011 Leave a comment

I have posted about AVGN before. But I just gotta give my support to the great James Rolfe who is behind it all by doing a little post. He is now working on a full length movie about the Angry Video Game Nerd. And obviously he needs some fan help. So watch the video below and see if you got some okane to spare.


More info here

Good luck James! 

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Epic cosplay action

10/08/2011 Leave a comment

You can say that alright! This guy did some amazing work at the FanExpo 2011 in Toronto. He filmed himself with random cosplayers at the event, improvising and later adding effects. A very cool idea and love how it turned out.

Of course I had to sub to this guy as well. 

The really really long DragonCon 2011 video

10/01/2011 Leave a comment

Yet again, amazing cosplay of all sort!

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The Good, The Bad, The Weird.

08/05/2011 2 comments

I haven’t watched as much Asian movies as I’d like to. The ones I’ve seen the most are Jackie Chan‘s movies. And I love Jackie Chan’s work, but that’s for another blog post. This is about a movie I saw a few days ago. It’s not Japanese, it’s Korean. (A language I also love) The title is The good, the bad, the weird. Obviously the title is a an homage to The good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve seen that movie too and it’s good, also A fistful of dollars. But I’m not crazy about westerns. This is an “Asian western”.vI do love some Asian action movies. I love the style and I love the humor at most times. This one is very much that, action and humor.

Kim Jee-Woon is the maker of this movie. Never heard of him but he knows his stuff obviously. They really did get the three characters down. It’s the good guy, the very cool and sharp-shooting loner. The bad, a really disturbing guy that just doesn’t give a shit. And the weird, and yeah… he’s a bit weird.

I also love the fact that there are also Japanese and Chinese people in this movie. Not very much as the movie is set in Korea and they speak Korean most of the time. But there are some Chinese and Japanese people and talking.

I’m not sure how much or if any of it is based on true history. But seeing as the movie has both the western setting a along with something like a motorcycle tells me the movie is somewhat in a fantasy world. In Korea with the Japanese invading, but very much not set in today’s time.

I have very little to complain about this movie. There are a few small things I didn’t understand or thought were just bad. But they are very few. One whole scene however is something I had no idea why it happened. Unless I missed something… Cause I have no idea why he went there or what he was going to do and we got no explanation to what happened afterwards.

It’s an awesome movie. It’s funny and action-packed. Not an amazing piece but please do watch it if you like the Asian style action with humor, though in this movie the gun does the job so it’s not your typical Asian action movie. Which is a good thing! I love many of the scenes in the movie but I can’t say I absolutely love the movie it self. For example there is a scene where the Good and the Weird is sleeping outside at a bonfire and having a talk. I also love the way the Good talk and sounds. And so on…

I will buy it on bluray someday for sure, and that is something I only do with the good stuff.



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