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A chat room plays Pokémon

02/16/2014 Leave a comment

Now this is crazy. But interesting. And a bit funny. Someone has managed to connect a chat on to an emulated game of Pokémon Red/Blue. Whenever a button command is written it’s translated as a move in the game. It’s running as I type this and the chat is going crazy. It’s like a fight between people who try to play the game and people who wanna ruin it. Apparently they have already beaten the first gym. I hope this thing runs for years, until the game is beaten. Right now they’re tying to cut down a tree…

Watch it live here

I wish it had a tad few less people typing so I could read some of the comments made.


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Hatsune Miku in Resident Evil 4!

11/04/2012 Leave a comment

Haha, here’s a funny mod. I love Resident Evil 4 and I love Hatsune Miku. In this video you can see what it would be like if Miku was in the game instead of  Leon S. Kennedy. She is stiff and there’s some (panties) clipping but it’s still amusing.

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10/31/2012 Leave a comment

Continuing the pumpkin game art. Here’s a video with a pumpkin that has Tetris on it… The actual game is playable on the pumpkin. See for yourself.

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Love Plus in English?!

11/09/2011 2 comments


Yes. It’s true. You can now play the very popular dating sim by Konami for Nintendo DS in English. But… it’s not official.

And you will need a Japanese copy of the game, well, there is only a Japanese copy of the game released anyway. Or you know, a ROM of the game and the R4 card for NDS. I so wanna play this game, and I would so love to play New Love Plus for 3DS. It’s a shame they won’t release the game outside of Japan, but it is understandable. But now you can play it in English! And I will some day too, I might pick up a copy of the game when I go to Japan. Gotta be cheap and the NDS is region free so it’s not a problem. Go to the official translation site for all the info and download.

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Boiling bumper

10/22/2011 1 comment

Here’s a recipe for tightening your iPhone 4 bumper.

I have a black iPhone 4 with a white bumper, and it’s so beautiful. Love my iPhone. But damn were they both expensive. The iPhone it self was worth it. The bumper wasn’t really, now that is asking for too much money. And usually I don’t buy it if I think that. But in this case I just needed a good bumper fast so I just caved in.

There are three problems with the bumper however. It gets a bit discolored. It scratches the metal a bit. And it loosens up after some time. Tonight I solved one of those problems. The looseness.

I have long been thinking about it, not reading about it, but just by logic thinking. I had the idea of boiling the bumper to make it tighter. But could it really work? I was always like, “naaah, who would do that? It probably wouldn’t work. I won’t dare to try”. But today I saw it be done in a Youtube video, as I was looking at other iPhone case videos (don’t know why I did really). And yes it worked! It really did tighten up the iPhone 4 bumper. See the video here

So I tried it myself and yes it worked, the bumper sits tighter on now and it feels great. Also it got a bit cleaner obviously.

I didn’t really follow any instructions but below  is my take on it!

Read more…

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Zelda and Link getting their groove on

09/06/2011 Leave a comment

I love this little video. Finally it was uploaded again! I think his channel or all his videos were removed, so I couldn’t watch it again with this song. But now I can and it’s fucking awesome.

I like to pretend that this is after the end of Twilight princess and the whole thing is over, Link has become the king of Hyrule and he is now with princess Zelda. They can do whatever they want so they just got drunk and started dancing to some  nice ass music. Then later… they’re gonna get it on in the master bedroom if you know what I’m sayin’, oh yeah.

So cute and sexy ね! ^o^’>

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