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A video about Akihabara

11/08/2011 Leave a comment

KenKyanon is a Youtuber that does Japan related videos. He’s funny and good at teaching Japanese. In his latest video he talks about the “otaku paradise” – Akihabara. And about otaku stuff in general. This is the first part of two parts.


Akihabara must be the best place on Earth in my world. I’m going there next year obviously. So much I wanna do there. Check out all the video games, manga, anime. And of course the maid cafés. I WILL have to buy a nekomimi figure! And also some DVDs. Since Japan and Sweden has the same DVD region code.

Onion head – emoticons phenomena

06/15/2011 Leave a comment

I’m not completely sure who he is but it seems he originated from MSN Messenger‘s drawing board, by a guy named Ethan. (And I thought this was made by a chinese or japanese person) His name is Onion Head. Because of his origin there are tons of funny and cute emoticons (emotion+icons) of him. A lot of them are animated too.

There are two types of “smileys” for messengers, really ugly ones, and really well made ones. You might not like these, but they are well made and expressive. I love some of them. I really just add the ones that I think have a good style to my MSN Messenger.

Here and here you can grab a lot of Onion Head emoticons!

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Donate blood – otaku style

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I’m a bit “scared” of needles and such, I really don’t like the idea of having things go through your body, it’s one reason I don’t like piercings. But If I were in Japan I would sure go to this place to give some of my blood. I’m not sure if foreigners are allowed to do that though. Maybe I will try when I go to Japan next year. (something I wanna talk about later)

This is a special type of donation center by the Japanese Red Cross, in Akihabara, with an otaku twist. With the help of manga, anime and computers and so on they want to attract younger people for donation of blood. I think this is a very good idea, but I would wanna stay there longer than needed!

Read more about this here

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Picture of the month – June 2011 – Nekomimi on my arm

06/02/2011 2 comments

So there’s a new picture of the month up. And it’s a picture of my arm, with some kanji drawn on it. The kanji reads 猫耳, which of course means “nekomimi”, that translates in to “cat ear(s)”. But as I’ve told you before, that is a type of character (you don’t have to look far on this blog to find one). 猫 = cat, 耳 = ear.

I like to draw stuff on my self. I love drawing even though I’m not that good at it, I was better when I was younger I think. I still think I can produce some nice stuff. I really wish I was better though, at something that meant drawing on paper or on a computer! Because trust me, my imagination is pretty big, and I have so much in my head I just wish I could show to people, but I got no way to get it out of there! And I wish I could draw manga.

Anyway, I just did this one day studying japanese as I always do in the kitchen (yes I have a table full of material in the kitchen),I obviously eat in front of the PC or TV. Also liked to be a bit creative in this picture and lined up my cat Akira’s ears by my arm. Pretty cool ey?


I’m a bit hairy, me don’t like… Nya~!

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Mystery otaku and working for Japan (update)

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I’m home from work. Been so busy this week and will be this weekend and next week too! Here’s something you might not know. I don’t have a job. Yeah so I’m home a lot, otaku style! But I do work sometimes in a restaurant, in the kitchen, most often cleaning the dishes. And now I’m working there every day for a couple of weeks but only 2 hours. Today I worked 2 hours then came back later to work in the evening and night. My back is hurting, ugh.

So I STILL haven’t uploaded a video on Youtube and as you can see not many posts posted in the last days.

Before I get to the main part of this I just wanna tell you about a little extra job I did this week. They called me because of an application I’ve sent in. It’s an assignment type of job  where you go to a store posing as a certain customer and then asks some questions. It’s called “mystery shopper”. (A little side note, in Sweden the name is in english) Despite being very interested in acting, like the otaku I am, I’m very shy. And unsocial. So it was a challenge for me. But I did it! I went to two cell phone stores and pretended to own a small company, asked for some kind of company solution and for a smart phone. I knew I had to make up more stuff on my own, so if they asked I decided I would say my company sell manga. And the girl did ask me. She didn’t know what manga was. I made one mistake though, I didn’t get the name of the sellers! I hope this wasn’t important to the company that I did the job for… I tried at the first place again to look at his name tag as I forgot but when I got back he was leaning forward so I couldn’t see it! And at the second place the girl had her hair in the way of it! I didn’t know how to ask for it! Gya~!

Wow this post is longer than I thought it would be… Sorry.

One of the biggest motivations for me right now is Japan. Has been and probably will always be. But it’s only been for myself. If I study hard or earn money I can do thinks involving Japan, for my sake. But now after the terrible disaster in Japan… I got a new motivation. I really struggle with searching for jobs, but if I can think about Japan. If I try hard to get a job, I can get money, with the money I can both do more Japan related things for my own benefit. But I can also donate more money to Japan. So I had an idea. Tomorrow I will work  evening/night again. That’s Saturday (writing this Friday night), and on Sunday I’m going to visit mom cause that’s mother’s day in Sweden. And then on Monday it’s work and shit again. But tomorrow I really didn’t want to work! It’s gonna be hell. But I’ve decided that I will donate all the money I earn that night to the Japanese Red Cross. I’ve already donated a small amount via Sweden’s Red Cross. But not being able to do much for Japan, this is at least something. I have been trying to use the internet to spread the word, and continue to do so. Also I’ve decided to every year donate that same small amount of money to Japan. Forever. Because I love Japan so much. I wanna give something back. Right now that’s pretty much the only thing I can give. Money and love.

Donate here

Update: I won’t work tonight. They called and said I don’t have to do it. So this idea won’t happen. This time. But I’ll find another way.

Update 2: Of course I’ll be working weekend again sometime, and I actually did that last weekend. Only for a few hours though. But I WILL donate THAT salary to Japan as soon as I get it.

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App tip #1

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I got many apps I wanna tell you about. But let’s start with an app that fits this blog well. A manga app. Obviously nothing beats a real manga magazine! But having an app with thousands of manga series is damn sweet. Even more so if you have an iPad. So on a small screen where you have to move around makes it just a tiny bit annoying. Never the less, awesome it is.

And what seems to be the best app for the job is Manga Rock. Now there is a free version but with that you can only read the manga. Well what’s wrong with that you say. That is the purpose of the app. But with the free version you can’t come back to where you left off. You can’t favorite a manga and you can’t download them. So you either buy it or don’t even bother. It costs $0.99. There is a iPad version but I only find it for free so I don’t know if it has all the features or what the deal is with that.

 Download the iPhone version

Download the iPad version 


                       (Love Hina)

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