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Japanese snacks!

03/25/2013 Leave a comment

Youtuber Jerry, or hippykiller1 as he’s called on Youtube just uploaded a video where he shows and talks about a lot of different snacks available in Japan. Things he recommend.

I gotta try some of these. Watch the video below to see if anything makes you drool.

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First omiyage acquired

11/04/2011 Leave a comment

      おみやげ = omiyage = souvenir 

Going to Japan next year calls for some souvenirs. Souvenirs to bring, that is.  For people I’m going to meet there. I have a few online friends I might meet up with in Tokyo. And as I’ve learned from the danish travel show Vagn i Japan (Vagn in Japan), little gifts are always appreciated and a sort of custom in Japan when meeting new friends. I can’t bring much because of the lack of space in my suit case, but I’m trying to come up with a few things I wanna bring. Preferably something typical Swedish. I’m having a hard time coming up with stuff. But today I bought something that’ll bring.

Looks bigger than it is in this photo.

It’s a package of “crisp bread” or “cracker bread”. Knäckebröd, in Swedish. I don’t know if you know what it is or how common it is in your country. But it’s pretty common in Sweden and I like some of the sorts. Also it has a typical Swedish symbol on it, the Dalahäst. I’m not gonna go in to in detail cause frankly I have no idea what it actually is. It’s some colored horse from some place, look it up yourself. I might get a horse statue as a gift though…

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10/08/2011 2 comments

The logo and name of this sushi restaurant is a spoof of the video game store GameStop. I like it, really a good name and the colors fit. I’d love to go there.

More pictures/info here.

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Hello Kitty fizzy drink can

09/14/2011 Leave a comment

(I got several photos of Hello Kitty stuff on storage, I could make this a weekly feature.) A missed opportunity. I went to the store I worked at this summer, to do some shopping and also to tell the boss I need some papers filled in. I was also gonna buy a can they advertised. But I forgot! I don’t know if they still had it, I don’t think they will the next time I go there. But here is a picture of it from the advertisement.


It even have Japanese on it damn it! 

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09/06/2011 Leave a comment

No not the actual geisha culture. No, it’s the name of a candy here in Sweden! I don’t know what other countries it exists in. But the company behind it (Fazer) is a Finnish company, so it must be all over Scandinavia. A chocolate bar most of the time. But there are other shapes and forms of this candy. It was first on sale in 1908, then it was a hard caramel, that later got the name “Tokyo”. But then 1962 is when the chocolate bar came with the name of just Geisha.

I have only seen one taste of Geisha, except the one on the picture. Apparently there are a few different ones. I don’t like Geisha. Because it contains nuts. While I’m not allergic to nuts, and like salted nuts, I don’t want them in my chocolate. This one though is a bit better, still not very delicious but I could it it. It has no nuts but instead the taste of truffle. Wish I liked them, then I’d buy them often just because of the name. 

This will be a good omiyage, souvenir, to bring to Japan and give a way. 

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Picture of the month – September 2011 – Ramen + bacon

09/02/2011 Leave a comment

September. The transaction month. Summer is officially over. Autumn is coming, you can feel it in the air here in Sweden. Just like last year it felt way too short. Nothing I usually say. Anyway! The picture of the month is a photo I took of this delicious bowl of noodles with some beef soup and boiled bacon. Ate it with chopsticks Asian style! And just a cold glass of water. I’ve never tried eating it with bacon but I wanted to try something more Japanese. It was very yummy. Can’t wait to get to Tokyo and eat some real ramen!

Drink and donate

07/13/2011 Leave a comment

Love this idea! And it’s very Japanese. Vending machines is a big deal in Japan, most people know that Japan is the home of this marvelous machine. They are everywhere and there are so many different kinds. A new one is one of the best. It’s filled with the Coca-Cola branded drinks. But also it has a choice of donating money to the Red cross, you either let the your left over change go to charity or just pop in some money only to donate. They have installed 100 of these,
too bad it will only be in use until September 30. I say why not forever? It’s an awesome idea.

See a video of the machine being used here.


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