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Axent Wear – Amazing headphone concept

08/11/2014 Leave a comment

Well it seems to be more than a concept. Still, it’s very early in development.

gallery_2-10509688aa3af367cc8176ea1505c1f4As you might already know, I do love cat ears. Nekomimi, in Japanese. I’m not talking about actual cat ears, but the type you put on your head. And seeing a girl wearing cat ears… well, makes me purr.

I made a post a while back about a pair of headphones in the shape of nekomimi. Unfortunately they were only digital, you can get them in the software Second Life. But now I’ve come across something much more interesting. Headphones in the shape of cat ears, and with speakers on top. So that you can share the music, or if you just feel like playing music aloud.

Like I said, they don’t provide much info but they are trying to make this a reality. And damn do I want this. The price they’re aiming at is 115 USD, whic is pretty much my limit. In terms of quality headphones it’s not that high of a price, it’s just expensive to me. But I would probably buy them regardless, it’s a dream come true. They are so beautiful.

What I’d like to see is that they are wireless and have built-in controls. And having memory on there for actual music to carry around would be amazing and make the product so much unique.

Go to the official website for Axent here:

And they actually seem to be more active on Facebook, click the link to see a Q&A post.

(Thanks to Denisa Iuliana Costras for letting me know about this)

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New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song!

02/19/2014 Leave a comment

And music video! It seems sad… Almost made me cry… Because it feels as if she’s going to stop making music. But she is not. It’s about becoming an adult and graduating and saying good bye to school and all the teachers.

The music video is also like a trip through her past music videos. I like it. This is a good song to end a concert with or… play and cry to when she one day stops making music. T.T

The song is called something like “The beginning of the dream”, with some Japanese play on words at the end I’m guessing.

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My mii

02/11/2014 Leave a comment

I’d just like to show you mii as it looks like now. I’m very happy with it. And I do think it really does look like me. I wish I could make my mii wear cat ears all the time, or that you could at least put on some different clothes. At least I could choose the color of my shirt and wear cat ears when street passing. (QR code below)


And if you’d like to have my mii, here’s it’s QR code!


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Nintendo 3DS XL announced!

06/22/2012 Leave a comment

YES! Finally! A redesign of the 3DS. How this wasn’t in the E3 press conference is strange, or rather, why so soon after E3? Anyway, here it is.

 Though I’m not sure if I’ll buy it even though I’ve been holding out for a redesign and really really want a 3DS. The problem is, the battery life is only like an hour longer, the look isn’t that much better… and get this, it doesn’t come with a charger! This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen Nintendo do. In Europe and Japan, not America for some reason, the Nintendo 3DS XL will NOT come with a charger or cradle. That is fucking stupid… Makes no sense at all!

Only if the cost is lowered and you own like a Nintendo DSi XL and never plan on getting rid of it, but now it’s pretty useless, is it good for you, but not a good move by Nintendo!  What if you are gonna sell one or the other in the future? I don’t know what to do now cause I love my green NDSi XL but now it’s pretty useless, if I sell it or 3DS XL in the future, then I’m gonna have to sell it without a charger… Or buy one just to sell it with the system.

Except from that, it’s pretty damn awesome, having 3D with a bigger screen can be even better. I want the white one but it’s probably Japan exclusive for now. Also I don’t know why it’s not black around the screen, it’s suppose to make it easier to view the 3D, also a dumb move on Nintendo’s part. Europe will get blue, red and silver. I’d pick silver in this case. We’ll see if I get it maybe sometime after I get back from Japan.

Oh and I feel sorry for the guys who were holding off for a redesign but just bought a 3DS cause a redesign wasn’t at E3 and was thought to be a while off…  I was almost a one of those guys.

 Pictures can be seen here

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Tetris swimsuit

05/22/2012 Leave a comment

I love to design clothes, I don’t do that really… But I like to look at clothes and rate them and imagine changes and what not. And clothes inspired by video games is of course very interesting. Sometimes it’s hideous. Sometimes it’s really nice like this Tetris swimsuit. I like the simplicity and authenticity. It’s pretty sexy don’t you think?



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Picture of the month – May 2012 – New glasses!

05/03/2012 Leave a comment

Finally I’ve bought my new otaku glasses! 

I actually bought a pair of glasses back in October I think, I can’t remember exactly. When a new store opened in town they had really cheap prices. I was looking for plastic glasses, black, kinda square and preferably with a mat finish. I bought a pair I wasn’t very happy with but I went with it cause the price was really low. Everything included, 96 USD!

But there was a problem. When I got them and put them on, everything was so different! You see, I wanted to buy new glasses because I wanna start wearing them all the time. Instead of just using the ones I had at home. And instead of trying to hide the fact that I have glasses I’ll embrace that and use them to show off my nerdy side. And I need them in Tokyo, otherwise I’d walk around with a headache all the time. But I needed something better looking. So even though I’ve felt that my eye sight had gotten worse, the difference in the settings of the old glasses versus the new  ones were minimal.

The problem I experienced with the new ones were that everything felt closer, I got dizzy and almost felt cross eyed. The difference was too big and I was wondering if something had gone wrong with them. The clerk just told me to try them on and try to get used to them. But how could I when the difference is so big but shouldn’t be? And when I rode my bike it felt like I was much closer to the ground. But I had them on for 2 weeks but could hardly keep them on. It was like choosing between a headache or feeling dizzy, depending on if I wore them off or on.

I got to see the optician again and she said it might be due to the fact that the glasses were bigger than my old ones. I don’t see how it could change so much but we decided that I should try finding a new pair with smaller frames. Also I wasn’t very happy with the look of them and the sides could even pull my hair because of it’s design. So that was good to get a second chance. But now the wait began, or hunt rather. For months I went to the store looking for a better pair of glasses that fit my desire. I went almost every week, just walked in, scanned the store and left. Just a few weeks ago I found a good pair!

Do they look otaku style?! 

I’m pretty happy with the size. But I wish they were just not as wide as they are. Didn’t have that metal thing on the side, and had a mat finish. Then they would be perfect. But, for that price it’s a very good deal. Just wish I didn’t have go through all the hassle. While I was waiting I saw some even better glasses in another store and it was so tempting to just get them instead. But they wouldn’t give my money back unless they really couldn’t make me satisfied. I wonder how long it had to have been before that would have been the case…

 So that’s the picture(s) of the month. Didn’t mean to make the post like this but what the hell. Soon I’ll post some other good news and hopefully get my shit together and start posting more here as well make more videos on Youtube. Stay tuned!

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Beautiful creation

02/25/2012 Leave a comment

In this video I created a character in the Saint’s row 3 demo. It took a few hours because I wanted to make her near perfect. I find her beautiful. ._.

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