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Youtube party – part 2

08/20/2014 Leave a comment

I forgot that I hadn’t posted this yet! Part two of the 2013 Tokyo Youtube party! It’s still the latest episode of my second Japan series, the next episode is coming this weekend!

Revival of Melee 7 tournament footage (singles)

03/12/2014 Leave a comment

And here are even more fights from the tournament, the more interesting games of singles. Again, mostly by Mew2King and Mango, the two top players in the west.

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Revival of Melee 7 tournament footage (doubles)

03/12/2014 Leave a comment

Here’s some matches from the Smash bros. tournament ROM7. It’s mostly all Mew2King and Mango matches.


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Test your Asian recognition skills

02/25/2014 Leave a comment

Here’s a simple test where you can see how good you are at recognizing the faces of different East Asian people. More specific, Japanese, Korean and Chinese people. I find biology and these kind of racial differences in people very interesting. And I did think that my skill of at least recognizing Japanese people was better. But I’m not very good at all.

I only scored 7 out of 18. T.T I feel so ashamed. Try it out. You have to register but no email is required so just type in whatever in the fields and go. It’s harder than I thought…

> <

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Odd spikes on Japanese railroad

02/25/2014 2 comments

Odd spikes on Japanese railroad

This picture was taken by me on my first trip to Japan in 2012. I was in Kamakura to see the great Buddha, daibutsu. But in this picture you can see some iron spikes on the ground. On a rail road. Why are they there? The only reason I can see is that it’s to prevent people from crossing from one street to the other, diagonally, across the railroad.

To make them not dare to do it. If someone did try it and fell… damn that have to hurt! It’s both smart, and… cruel.

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Let’s take a look at some old video game magazines

01/31/2014 Leave a comment

One man with one huge video game magazine collection checks out the very first review of Super Mario bros. on NES. He’s doing a good job at preserving video game history. Thank you Frank Cifaldi.

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Hatsune Miku shop at Haneda airport

01/25/2014 Leave a comment

There’s a new (or two) shop(s) that have opened up at the Haneda airport in Japan. They are Hatsune Miku shops. Hatsune Miku being the popular vacaloid, the digital artist from Japan. It’s called Hatsune Miku Wing Shop, because “hane” means “wing(s)” in Japanese. SO wanna go there! It ought to be very expensive though. I don’t think there is a Miku themed store in Akihabra…

Check out this video below by Alex from SubTokyo giving us a tour of the shop.

I’ll probably be landing at Haneda airport instead of Narita next time!

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