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Mascot school in Japan

12/13/2012 2 comments

Japan might have the only school for mascots. I think this is a great idea for places that uses a lot of mascots. Being inside a costume like that takes more work than you think, at least it’s nice to have a place for practice and advice.

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Lindsey Stirling – the video game violinist

11/28/2012 Leave a comment

IGN has done a short video interview with a girl that likes to made videos with cosplay and music made on the violin inspired by video games (among other things). She has done some amazing work. Check out Lindsey Stirling’s Youtube channel here and the interview below.

Also check out this funny and cute video from her second channel where she walks around town disguised as her own number one fan.

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Epic cosplay action

10/08/2011 Leave a comment

You can say that alright! This guy did some amazing work at the FanExpo 2011 in Toronto. He filmed himself with random cosplayers at the event, improvising and later adding effects. A very cool idea and love how it turned out.

Of course I had to sub to this guy as well. 

The really really long DragonCon 2011 video

10/01/2011 Leave a comment

Yet again, amazing cosplay of all sort!

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Amazing cosplay from DragonCon 2011

09/20/2011 2 comments

This is just amazing. It’s not just anime or video game cosplay this time, this is like… EVERYTHING!


So many awesome icons and such good cosplay. It would be a dream to be in a place like this. There will be a longer version soon and I will post that too.

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Booth babes of TGS’11

09/17/2011 Leave a comment got a booth babe montage from Tokyo Game Show that you’d might like. The best booth babes are at TGS… because it’s in Japan. Oh yeah.

IGN also has put together a video of course. Oh la la.

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Amazing Zelda cosplay

08/23/2011 Leave a comment

Akuriko at has made this beautiful cosplay as Princess Zelda from the game Twilight princess. I love her style in that game and her she is being portrayed as good as it ever gets.

Source and more

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