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One of the most amazing videos I’ve seen

08/18/2014 Leave a comment

I don’t want to post too many Youtube videos because it seems lazy. But it is stuff I do want to share and I post every weekday. And it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want!!

Haha… Ehum. Yes, this video below is truly one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen. It’s a Japanese woman named Miyoko Shida being on some talent TV show. She’s showing extreme concentration and at the same time showing how important balance can be in life through art and physics. Beautiful.

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Awesome artsy video showing the Nintendo consoles through out the ages

12/01/2012 1 comment

Fucking love it. Only one (or two) flaws though, HE FORGOT THE GBA SP! Also 3DS XL came out 2012. But still so awesome.

I love Nintendo.

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Lindsey Stirling – the video game violinist

11/28/2012 Leave a comment

IGN has done a short video interview with a girl that likes to made videos with cosplay and music made on the violin inspired by video games (among other things). She has done some amazing work. Check out Lindsey Stirling’s Youtube channel here and the interview below.

Also check out this funny and cute video from her second channel where she walks around town disguised as her own number one fan.

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Yen on my wall

11/20/2012 Leave a comment


Above is a photo of something hanging on my wall. It’s a real 5000 yen bill. I wish it was a 1000 yen bill instead, but the 5000 ome has the best artwork. I’ll only remove it if I’d go broke, haha.

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10/31/2012 Leave a comment

Continuing the pumpkin game art. Here’s a video with a pumpkin that has Tetris on it… The actual game is playable on the pumpkin. See for yourself.

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Halloween gaming pumpkins!

10/31/2012 Leave a comment

 [Upated with more links]

Pumpkin art in the spirit of gaming. Amazing and impressive. It must be very hard to create such vivid portraits. Follow the link to see more. A simple one but my favorite is Navi from The legend of Zelda.

More here, and here, also here.

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Picture of the month – March 2012 – Japan in my wallet

03/08/2012 Leave a comment

Japan in my h… wallet?

This is a close up picture of a small piece of paper that I have in my wallet. It’s a bit of a map I drew a heart on an put in my wallet about 10 years ago. The map is in Swedish so that’s why you can’t read some of it. But the message is clear, I love Japan. And while I probably wouldn’t do this today I’ll just let it be there in my wallet for no special reason. Though it is kind of special. Because it’s from the time when I started to get interested in Japan and it’s a representation of my love for Japan. That is stronger than ever.

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