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A true statement from a true otaku

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– Harunobu Madarame

From the anime Genshiken

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My K-ON love

01/06/2014 2 comments

In this video I’m showing off my collection of K-ON stuff that I own. Most of it is bought in Japan, Akihabara. I’m ashamed to not own any of the actual anime on disc, but the blurays of the full seasons are not out in Europe yet. I could buy them in Japan but I do need subtitles.

K-ON could be my number one anime, it’s hard to pick from this and Sailor Moon that I also love. K-ON isn’t just moé and cute stuff. It doesn’t have the usual fan service of such anime either. This anime has a lot of emotion to it, and is one of the anime shows that have made me cry. It has also made me laugh a lot. And it’s just so damn cute. I also love the artstyle. And then of course the music, is a big part of this anime. And that’s one thing that sets this anime apart. It contains actual songs that are good, and the voice actors was a real band performing the songs of the show.

My two favorite characters are Ritsu Tanaka and Azusa Nakano. Ritsu I like because she’s a tomboy and so damn funny. As well as her voice. And she plays the drums, which is what instrument I’d want to play if I was in a band (or maybe the synthesizer). Azunyan (as she’s also called) I mostly like because she had cat ears on at some point and I love her voice, and the way she says “desu”. So cute!

Yui comes on 3rd place. Then Mio and Mugi. But I like them all. ^^

I love and miss K-ON so much.

Be sure to turn on HD and annotations.

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Over 250 subs and 200.000 views!

11/23/2012 2 comments

A new milestone on my Yotube channel has been reached! I now have 252 subscribers and over 200.000 video views! I’m very thankful for this. I only wish I had more interactions with my subscribers, and also that I was better at making videos. Also, if you didn’t know already, I’ve changed my Youtube name from “MurdocLC” to “Swedish Otaku”. Only problem is, the URL is still the same. (I also recently reached over 100 followers on Twitter but is back down to 98 now)

My Youtube channel

Tsukasa and Konata singing karaoke

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I don’t know where this is from, but if you like Lucky Star and love Konata like I do, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s Tsukasa (not Kagami like the uploader wrote in the title) and Konata singing Valentine Kiss. Konata is hilarious in the background. XD

I love you Konata Izumi

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Sleeping aid for otaku

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So I came a cross a weird video. An anime film of some sort. I don’t really know anything about it but it’s called “Sleeping with Hinako” in English. And it’s about a girl that talks to you, the viewer, as she’s trying to sleep. One part I liked about this video is the part where she sleeps. It’s soothing. I don’t like to talk about it but obviously as an otaku I’m quite… lonely and is drawn to these sorts of things, because I’m an otaku. I tried to find a video with only the parts where she sleeps on Youtube but I couldn’t. So I edited my own video together, I made some smart cuts and doubled one of the parts to make the video long enough. I also started out with the lullaby. So if you have trouble sleeping (like me) and wanna try this out, I recommend getting your iPhone or whatever device you have, use the speaker on it if you can and lay it next to you in the dark and play this 45 minute long video with the sound of a cute Japanese girl sleeping. おやすみなさい。

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Picture of the month – Februari 2012 – Akuryo taisan!

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Another “painting” is up. Actually I don’t know what to call these in English when they aren’t actual paintings. In Swedish we have one word for all of these things you hang up with frames, this one doesn’t even have frames! But it’s not a painting nor a poster. But you can see what it is. I simply wrote this kanji in Word and printed it out and put it in the glass frame.

What it says though is  悪霊退散, which is pronounced “akuryo taisan“, which translates to “demon, be gone”. If you like Sailor Moon you might recognize it. It’s said by Sailor Mars / Rei Hino in the series, and an actual phrase in Japanese to exorcise bad spirits. You can see a clip of it here. I like her a lot and I like the phrase a lot so I got it up on my wall finally.

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Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one sexy thing

12/07/2011 Leave a comment

I’ve just started watching the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I know pretty much nothing of it except from what you would know after three episodes. It seem to take place in a distant future where humans live underground and believe the surface is a myth, at least most people do. I like it. I can’t say more than that about.

 Only that it contains this sexy girl Yoko, check out this tribute video to her! MOE~


*ads her to my figures-I-need-to-buy-list* 

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