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Nintendo Switch Joycons Review

03/10/2017 Leave a comment

I really like the joycons. One reason being the fact that they are separated. I love the Wii-remote plus nunchak, because of that fact. But now I can finally play it without a cord between the controllers, so you have full freedom of where you want to keep your hands. I also find them surprisingly comfortable. Despite the sharp edges on the inward side of the controllers, being there because of the way they connect to the console, it does fit really well in my hands. The size and placements of everything lines up really well with my palms and fingers. They are very light but not too light.



And these little controllers are truly impressive when you think about how much stuff is packed in to them. They are wireless and have about 20 hours of battery life on a full charge. They have the standard amount of buttons you need. The right joycon has a NFC sensor and an optical sensor more advanced than the Wiiremote. Both have the new HD rumble and they both allow for motion controls. Amazing.

When compared to the Wiiremote and nunchak, not only do you not have a wire between your hands but they are also equal in size, shape and weight. The Wiiremote and nunchaku are still very comfortable though. But it does feel extra weird going back to them and feeling how the Wiiremote is heavier than the joycons and the nunchak is lighter.


You can slide the joycons in to the joycon grip. Making the experience more traditional. While I’m glad they decided to ship every console with it, and I have no real issue with it, I still think I prefer to play, at least Breath of the wild, with just the joycons separated. The grip that comes with the system does not have a battery in it like the one you can buy seperately though. I’m sure this will be confusing in the future, is there a noticiable difference between the two? I don’t know.


And the joycon wrist straps. I haven’t really used them as I’ve not really had a reason to use them in any game yet. But it’s also nice to have two of them included with the system purchase.


Next, we can turn one joycon on it’s side and use that as a single controller. The straps do improve this mode a lot. I find this move very smart by Nintendo and should always be seen as just a bonus. I find it silly to complain about this setup.

I also enjoy that you can put the joycons down like this.


But, let’s move on to my complaints and what I don’t like about the Switch joycons. We’ll work our way backwards.

I said the joycons are very comfortable, but when they are turned to their side, using only one as a full controller. It is not comfortable at all. But again, I haven’t really played a game using this, I think I tried Tetris with it once or twice. Not sure which one I like to use in this mode, probably the right one feels better to me but it’s not really a big difference. The SR and LR buttons are very small and not easy to use but again, not much they could have done here. It’s a bonus feature!

Like I said, with the straps it becomes a better feel. But the R and L, or SR and SL buttons feel very flimsy. I think here they could have done a much better job. And while not a big complaint, I would have liked to see the option of removing the ropes themselves from this shoulder button strip. Also odd how there are no markings on the wrist strap buttons.


I really don’t have anything negative to say about the joycon grip. I just wish it had the battery in all of them. Whatever flaw the joycons have are carried over to this setup.

But what the hell is this for?!


Now back to just the joycons. Do I miss the D-pad? Yes. I even sometimes press the wrong button on the wrong side because of this, but I’m guessing it’s just something I’ll get better at the more I play. And again, not much of a choice here for them as they wanted both controllers to have the same setup enabling the two player more with just one set of joycons. So ok. I actually have no problem with the position or the tight space the buttons and sticks are laid out on. I even find the right joystick under the buttons to be useful like this because it makes it possible to move the stick without letting go of the buttons. That’s a benefit I think a lot of people didn’t foresee. Though I have no idea about how popular this opinion is. The buttons are nice to click and the home button and screen capture button are not hard to reach. Hard to reach though is the minus button. This does get a bit annoying in Zelda where because I use it a lot to open up the map. Next negative thing here are the joysticks. They aren’t really bad, it’s just that they have a very little margin of movement. Making it actually hard to aim in games. It’s also a bit hard to click the sticks without moving. The shoulder buttons. I would have liked the Z buttons and R/L buttons switched. Would just feel better, that’s how it is on the Xbox controllers and I prefer that. They are digital and I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with the feel and click for the most part.


But, here’s the one defect with my system. While some people, a friend included, are having connectivity issues. I really don’t have any unless I try really hard to make them not work. My problem lies in the ZR and ZL buttons. The right buttons sits a bit loose, it moves before the click is activated. And I actually prefer this over the left one, which is very stiff and doesn’t move at all, it just clicks and activates easily. Obviously I want them to be one way or the other! And I still don’t know which one is the way the button is suppose to be. Please let me know in the comments what your ZR and ZL are like.

The Nintendo Switch controllers, the joycons are great in my opinion. Well designed, work and feel great and look pretty damn nice as well. Just a few complaints and for me, a defect. I’m not disappointed at all but I wish they could have perfected them.

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