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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – A Masterpiece

09/11/2016 Leave a comment

Wow. I just finished Uncharted 4. First game I finished on my newly bought PS4. I borrowed the game from my cousin, I was going to buy it anyway, and I’m gonna have to get it for myself. It’s just that good.

There are very few things I dislike about this game. I’ll list them before I gush more about how amazing this game is.

Firstly, I know it’s a video game but I don’t like how Nathan seems like some kind of super human. I’m not talking about getting shot a bunch. I’m talking about not needing to eat for so long. Having inhuman stamina. And then just being through so much without collapsing. Though time is hard to estimate in this.

Second, enemies not caring about dead bodies and guns just laying around. It only happened once to me, where a guard found a dead or fainted guy on the ground, and raising an alarm about it. Every other time it didn’t matter where the bodies where or that they walked right past them, they didn’t care. That took me out of it. Same with just guns laying around. This game is otherwise very realistic.

So I can go with the movie and video game logic, but I know it’s not impossible to put something in to solve these smaller complaints.

Even more unrealistic and frustrating was the cases where someone couldn’t get up somewhere, even though both or one always had a rope on them. They could have literally either used the rope they have to help the other person up, or thrown the rope to the person who could help. But yeah, how do you solve the problem where you either can’t swing around with a rope or remove smaller puzzles like that? This too took me out of it, seems so stupid.


And then the fact that the bad guys always either caught up really fast or was one step a head all the time. I know why they did this, they want you to have something to do other than explore and have more interactions with them in general. But come on, how could they be ahead so much when I’m doing all the solving and going through what seems to be the only way, the first time anyone has ever done it? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Then the amount of people you face in shootings… So many people traveling so much through hard terrain, everyone equally skilled? And so many people Nate had to kill…

Also, even though the scenery is amazing, I think it was too much sometimes with statues and other decorative stuff. Didn’t feel believable that this pirate had the time, care and resources to do SO much. Wished it was scaled down just a notch.

And finally at the end. Did they go back to get the treasure? Did the bad guy do the same? Why wouldn’t they?


And you can feel it’s repetitive at times when you have cut scene, shooting, puzzle, climbing over and over again but in different orders, but it’s still great regardless. Puzzles did feel a bit easy at times, and more like just a thing you had to do to move on. So out of all the elements, that felt like the weakest one. Not too bad though.

Except these minor complaints, Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece of a game. One of the best games I’ve ever played. The action is amazing, both when it comes to shooting your way through or just making your way forward. Graphics are amazing and so is the scenery and art direction. So much looks amazing and there’s a nice variety. The cut scenes are amazing, and I’m the kind of person who love those. Along with quick time events. There aren’t many QTE though, and cut scenes never go on for too long. But it really feels like playing a movie, I know some don’t like that, I love that. The story and the character drama, all great. The voice acting and animation are amazing both in-game and in the cut scenes. It’s really hard to put humor in games but I think this one did good, it got close to cringing though.

The game play is great. Very good mechanics and not too much or too little you can do. Nothing feels like a one time thing or a drag to use. There is a very good balance of what you do and when you have to do something alone or with someone. The partner character never messes anything up, that’s always the worry in games with this element, but it worked great. They were more there for the story than anything.

Story was great, characters where great, music was great too, AND the length of the game, was great. I finished it in 18 hours and 25 minutes. Would like to have seen it go past 20 hours. EVERYTHING was great in this game and that just makes it a game worth a full score. Thank you NaughtyDog for this experience. (This was my first Uncharted game)



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