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While You Were Away…

08/17/2016 Leave a comment

Here’s why the While You Were Away “feature” on Twitter doesn’t make any sense to me.

I go always read, or glance through my timeline. I always scroll past every tweet in the timeline. I follow 81 people at the moment, so it works. I don’t want to miss something.

Then sometimes I see the timeline split up in chunks, taken from the past, with this stupid feature you can’t even turn off.

What’s the point of this? It’s not a live stream where things are constantly changing. It’s text that is still there. If I scroll down I’ll go futher back in time. So why would I want some random tweets that don’t match chronologically, when I’m going to get to them anyway? Maybe people want random tweets and don’t care for reading every tweet nor having them in order. 

While I was away? Well yeah, so why do I need ro get a random chunck of tweets moved to the top? It’s like being on away for a few days and have your mail pile up. Then when you get back the post man comes over and sticks a bunch of mail from the middle of the pile in your face. Well yes I’m getting to it!

Is there anyone who likes this?

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Dream Journal 5: Missing Wallet

08/10/2016 Leave a comment

Tonight I dreamt I was with a or some friends and we went to their friend’s house. Before that friend living there got home, we cleaned up the place and I think, cooked.

And the way I am, pedantic, I probably cleaned more than I have to. It was quite exhausting. We were gonna watch a movie I think. Then later when this friend came home, I’m not sure what happened. Either I forgot or the dream just skipped ahead to later. And I have no idea why, but for some reason I stayed at this woman’s house as the others left. There was going to a party. 

Then my wallet was missing. For some reason I called the police, while on the phone I looked through it and I saw a small pill. I assumed it was drugs. Either put there by mistake or to set me up. This felt like it happened later but I remember it to be chronologicly in this place.

And the wallet didn’t look like my real wallet by the way. It was beige and might have had my iPhone in it, which makes it even more frightening.

Then people started to arrive. This friend of mine friend’s friend’s. I was going to leave but I really needed to take a crap. So for the rest of the dream all I did was look for a bathroom. Everytime I found one in this big house it was either busy or had some weird thing going on with it so I didn’t dare to use it. Like one had two holes and one only took uribe so you had to sit right but the seat over the toilet looked old and weird…

At the same time my wallet kept disappearing. I kept finding it but I never freaked out. The last one she the host helped me find it and it turns out there is this guy there who likes to mess with people by taking it but not stealing it for good.

There are some more details that are hard to remember but this was tonight’s dream of unpleasentness.

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