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The Swedish Number

06/10/2016 Leave a comment

This is an amazing thing created by the Swedish Tourist Association. The Swedish Number is a number any country can call (except Sweden of course) to get connected to a random Swede in Sweden by phone. It’s done to promote Sweden and to celebrate the abolishment of censorship in Sweden the year 1766, the first in the world to do so. Sweden is also the first in the world to create this kind of number where you call a country.

I love this idea and I love watching videos on Youtube where people try this out. I love hearing and watching people experience Sweden or Swedish things, very interesting and fun to me.

As a Swede you download an app and simply register to be a sort of ambassador. You can toggle a switch of receiving calls or not, if you don’t pick upp a few calls in a row then the switch will automatically toggle off to not receive any calls.

I’ve registered. But I’m yet to have talked to someone. I’ve gotten several calls but… Every time I’m too shy to pick up. I just have problems with talking to strangers in general. (often not Asians though for some reason)

But now I’ve toggled it back on to receive calls and next time I just have to pick up and go “hello this is Sweden”! Because, I’m sad to report that they plan to close it down on the 24th of June.

On Midsummers eve, that’s the last day to call Sweden with this number. I really thought this would be a permanent thing. Or stick around for a lot longer at least, I really want to know why they’re closing it already. I’m gonna try to find out. So make sure to spread the number before this so that people don’t miss their chance to call a random Swede.


+46 771 793 336


I was also planning to make a video on this thing, and I hope to make it next week even though I just decided to take a short break on Youtube. But I really want to get this out there and now that it’s closing before summer ends I gotta make the video earlier.

Check out the official website for more information and some interesting statistics on what country has called us or how much time was spent talking etc.

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