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My thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I just got finished with watching the latest Star Wars movie, the 7th one. And it might be the best Star Wars movie out of them all. I like all of the movies, I never understood great hate the prequels got. They are not as good but some parts are really amazing in those three movies. Still, I’m not a HUGE Star Wars fan. I’d say I’m a fan but I’m not crazy about the franchise in any way. Though I do love Yoda a great deal.

The Force Awakens was really really good. It got a little bit worse as the movie went on. And I’ll just go through what I though was weird, bad or what I’d like to have seen done different. Nothing major.


At the beginning of the movie Finn is standing in front of the crashed ship, and it goes through the ground. First of all, why did it suddenly go through the ground and have some kind of explosion? It made no sense to me, are we to assume it’s quicksand or some sand monster? But what I really thought was weird was that Finn just kept standing really close as it happened. Normally, and someone who isn’t a typical badass like Finn isn’t, you’d back off far and quick! But maybe he knew something I don’t…

The first part of the movie is definitely on the funnier side and the second part goes dark really fast. What I didn’t like about the jokes was that they were kind of hit and miss, the humor between Finn and Rey was somethings a bit awkward and I didn’t feel it work most of the time. Though it was never too much.

When The Order (bad name by the way) gave it’s speech and blew up the planets… That was… overwhelming and so vile it made me feel sick. To feel that from a movie is a good thing I suppose but I’m often so inside the movie that I never like such feelings. One reason I hate horror movies. But it sure fueled my anger and hatred towards The Order.

When Han Solo told Chewie “I like this thing” as he used the wookie’s weapon. This was really weird to me. All the years they’ve been together and how close they are, surely at some point he must have tried it. I would have thought they talked about their weapons a lot and used each others in sticky situations. Not to mention that Han have seen Chewie use it and know a lot about from just that. So that it was the first time that he would make that comment after such a long time really didn’t fit. Felt like they just threw it in for the sake of having a joke. Which would have been funny if it made sense.

I didn’t like the fact that a lot of things were similar to the old movies. In one way I like it, but the thing I know I didn’t like was the fact that Kylo Ren is Han Solo and Leia’s son! I was like what the hell? I don’t know if there is further information about how Ren grew up but I have no idea. Would have been better if the first movie in this new trilogy was about that.

I really like Rey, good character, good actor. But I didn’t like that she learned to use the force that fast. I understand that for some reason the force is really strong with her from the start and that means she could be crazy strong with training. But it felt too damn easy for her. She must have a crazy amount of midichlorians!

I found it really stupid of Finn to lie and say that he knew how to disable the shield. What was the point of that? It’s not like they would all go, oh well that settles it, we’re doomed. No they would have come up with a plan for it FFS! (For Force Sake) Makes Finn look like an idiot.

And then the big shock… Han Solo, dying, by his son’s lightsaber. Disgusting. What a monster indeed. He should just suffer and die in the second movie, please. Not only did I dislike that it happened. I wonder now what George Lucas thinks of this, and all the hardcore fans. It just felt wrong. But also, they didn’t seem to make a big deal out of it. Too much cheering, not including some kind of memorial in the movie. Maybe Chewbaka knew Ren was too strong but why didn’t he shoot more? Why didn’t Finn and Rey shoot at him? And when they got back, why did Chewie just walk past Leia? Those two were the ones who love him the most. They should have at least included a hug between the two before they moved on to the scene with Rey and Leia. Again, out of touch with what I know about these characters.

And at the very end. I think an awesome touch right before the credits roll would have been the lightsaber flying through the air and landing in Luke’s hand with a close-up on his face. Why didn’t it happened!? Would have been perfect in my opinion.


Except the things mentioned above it was a really really good movie. Epic, awesome. True and as expected for the most part. Really makes me want to go see the next one in theaters. I would have seen this one in the theater if it wasn’t for the fact that I need to save money. Now I’m even more excited for the 8th Star Wars movie.

May the force be with you.

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