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Dream Journal #4

This time it was sort of like a night mare again. It didn’t start out bad. I was either in London, or in my city. In the center of town there was some event. And the famous TV chef was there, Gordon Ramsay. I like him a lot and his TV shows. I saw him in front of a crowd being part of some kind of show. I took out my video camera and recorded some.

Later some how I think I was helping carrying or moving some stuff inside a house. And Ramsay was there having a break in casual wear and a cup of tea or something. I was walking around in the same room as him and I passed him a few times. At one time I just said something like “hey I’m a big fan, can I have a photo?” and he quickly declined and looked busy. I was thinking “but it would only take a few seconds…”.

Then later I was walking among other people down a path, some people with dogs. One dog got lose and started running down the road. Quickly things got crazy where someone chased the dog and other dogs joined in and then some huge tiger started running after the dogs. It got worse and worse with people screaming and running in fear. More animals came running and it was stampede of different animals like lions and elephants and rhinos and what not.

I didn’t panic, but I was so scared. Instead of just running in a direction I watched the line of running animals and tried to stay in the middle. They got closer when I moved in the wrong direction, I stood by some metal structure. They ran really close, almost touching me, but I wasn’t harmed. Some how later I ended up in a building, it was dark and I had to sneak in order to not get attacked by… some animal.

This is as much as I can remember.

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