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My thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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I just got finished with watching the latest Star Wars movie, the 7th one. And it might be the best Star Wars movie out of them all. I like all of the movies, I never understood great hate the prequels got. They are not as good but some parts are really amazing in those three movies. Still, I’m not a HUGE Star Wars fan. I’d say I’m a fan but I’m not crazy about the franchise in any way. Though I do love Yoda a great deal.

The Force Awakens was really really good. It got a little bit worse as the movie went on. And I’ll just go through what I though was weird, bad or what I’d like to have seen done different. Nothing major.


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My first tournament – BEAST 6

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A couple of weeks ago I had an awesome experience. In the best city of Sweden, Gothenburg. This was the first time I went to any kind of gaming event and any kind of tournament. It’s the biggest European Super Smash Bros. tournament, featuring Melee and Smash 4, as well as Project M.

I got there on Saturday due to the first day only being Project M, which I didn’t have any interest in, and pretty much no interest in now. For you who don’t know, it’s a mod of Brawl, the Wii version of Smash. Where they made it more like Melee and further how the creators and communities wanted it to be. I’m not very fond of the idea and now that I’ve tried it for the first time it really just didn’t feel right. Not because it was new to be but… I really don’t like it. It’s not a real Smash.

I decided of course to stay the night in the city. I had to sleep in a hostel. I didn’t sleep much that night, nor the night before as I had to go up really early to catch a decent train to Gothenburg from my city. But once there, I had such a great time. Shy as I am I didn’t interact with a lot of people, but I did talk to some, mostly because they approached me.

I played some so called friendlies. I forgot to mention, I didn’t enter the tournament, I only went to watch and be a part of it. To me Smash is the best gaming franchise and I think that Smash 4 (Wii U) is the best game ever. I just love it so damn much. So this had to be done and I’m so glad I did it.

It was crazy to see Armada and Leffen in real life, some of the best (if not the best when it comes to Armada) Melee players in the world. There were more big players there but none that I really hold as favorites. Though I’m a fan of iStudying now, a Greninja player who got everyone hype in the crowd.

So I sometimes watch tournaments on Twitch, but to be in the crowd was amazing. The only problem was to catch the interesting players and to choose which game to watch as they were going on at the same time up until the final. Plus all the other games going on in between the two big screens. And then of course I wanted to play with more people just for fun. And as I said, I got to do that. So much fun. I really don’t have people to play with regularly except maybe 2. Apparently though there is a small community in my city that I didn’t know about until recently. I have to get more involved with that. And I will enter my first tournament next month here in my city.

On Sunday I stayed past the end of the event. I couldn’t go home after the grand final anyway because there were no trains going home that late. So I had to stay another night, only I didn’t want to pay for another bed to sleep in. So I stayed up all night. And I actually stayed behind and helped with cleaning and packing things up. That in it’s self was a great experience. I’m glad I could help with something I’m passionate about even though I could never be a pro player.

Maybe next year I’ll enter just for fun. But it is a bit of an expensive adventure for someone living away from the big city. But I hope I can at least go, I will if nothing really stops me. And I hope it will even better and bigger, and that I can help again.

Btw, a funny side note. The amount of entrants were 666 – the number of the BEAST.


Thank you so much everyone who interacted with me and thanks a lot to everyone who made the event possible. See you at BEAST 2017!

I will have a video up soon where I show you my full experience.

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Dream Journal #4

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This time it was sort of like a night mare again. It didn’t start out bad. I was either in London, or in my city. In the center of town there was some event. And the famous TV chef was there, Gordon Ramsay. I like him a lot and his TV shows. I saw him in front of a crowd being part of some kind of show. I took out my video camera and recorded some.

Later some how I think I was helping carrying or moving some stuff inside a house. And Ramsay was there having a break in casual wear and a cup of tea or something. I was walking around in the same room as him and I passed him a few times. At one time I just said something like “hey I’m a big fan, can I have a photo?” and he quickly declined and looked busy. I was thinking “but it would only take a few seconds…”.

Then later I was walking among other people down a path, some people with dogs. One dog got lose and started running down the road. Quickly things got crazy where someone chased the dog and other dogs joined in and then some huge tiger started running after the dogs. It got worse and worse with people screaming and running in fear. More animals came running and it was stampede of different animals like lions and elephants and rhinos and what not.

I didn’t panic, but I was so scared. Instead of just running in a direction I watched the line of running animals and tried to stay in the middle. They got closer when I moved in the wrong direction, I stood by some metal structure. They ran really close, almost touching me, but I wasn’t harmed. Some how later I ended up in a building, it was dark and I had to sneak in order to not get attacked by… some animal.

This is as much as I can remember.

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