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Dream Journal #3

This night I dreamed that I had my van (which I don’t own, I don’t have a car) parked in the middle of town. You can not park there, but it’s not important to what happened. It was snow on the ground it was in the evening. For some reason I start riding my bicycle for a bit around the corner. As I do I remember that I didn’t lock the car up. So I abort my mission and head back to the car.

When I return I see a foreign man and woman stealing from my car. The back and doors on one side are open. On the ground behind the car there was something stacked up to look like a person sitting down on their knees, head down. I touch it and it just falls apart.

I see the immigrant man counting my bills in the back seat. And the woman carrying something. I made eye contact with the man and then I woke up, or stopped remembering rather. Or if the dream just ended there.

I don’t remember more than this, something else happened as I was riding my bike before I returned, I talked to some woman I think, but I don’t remember.

When I woke up I just shut my eyes to imagine what I would have done, I wouldn’t have kicked over that thing because that would have alerted them, I would have walked up like I was just another person passing by. Then I would have quickly grabbed my money and put them in my pocket. Then grabbed the guy and try to grab the woman as well, holding them down and shout for someone to please call the cops. I would have done anything to keep them there but that would be hard of they tried to run or fight of course…

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