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Favorite Japanese Dishes

I can’t say I love all Japanese food. But I have a few favorites I really love. Here’s my top 5.


   1. カツ丼

Katsudon. Katsudon is pork fried with egg on rice. It’s more to it than that but it’s quite simple and cheap. But this is for sure my favorite Japanese dish. I ate it sooo much when I was in Japan. The last two weeks in Japan last time I was there, I ate it almost every day!


 2. すき焼き

Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is a mixed stew of meat and vegetables, with tofu and mushrooms. I don’t like the mushrooms, but other than that, I love this dish. I ate it only once home cooked because it’s an expensive dish at restaurants. I usually don’t eat tofu but when it was cooked it was yummy.


 3. 牛丼

Gyūdon. Even more simple, there is this cheap dish of just rice and pork with onions. But it still tastes so good anywhere I eat it. And sometimes I like a raw egg on top. It’s one of the first things I ate in Japan and a staple of the little 24/7 restaurant Yoshinoya.


   4. ざるそば

Cold soba noodles. Obviously better in the summer, but there is also hot soba of course. I prefer soba over udon. Soba are thin buckwheat noodles. Simple and I like it with the sauce that often comes with it.


   5. ぶかっけうどん

Bukakke udon. Yes, the name might sound familiar to you, bukakke could mean something else. But I’m not sure of if the dish gave the name to the… other thing, or the other way around. Regardless, I like this a lot. It’s thick noodles in a soup with negi (leek onion) and some kind of citrus mush.



Honorable mentions: I’m not as a big fan of ramen as I thought I would be, I often eat ramen here in Sweden. The quick cheap ones you get at the store. I often eat it with little to no soup. In Japan there are many types of ramen, I still need to try more. If I had to pick one it might be tsukemen or shio-ramen.

Another thing I love to put in my mouth in Japan is nikuman, it’s not a dish but a snack. A Chinese steamed dumpling bun thing with meat inside. I love it so much.

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