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Dream Journal #1 – Damsel In Distress

As you might know, we all dream every night, but we don’t always remember them. I’d like to document my dreams, should have started doing that a long time ago. It’s interesting to me in many ways. And one way of having lucid dreams is to write down your dreams and think about them, so there’s that too.

I have two dreams that I remember from last night.

First one is very simple and short. I dreamed that Akira (my cat) puked. He often pukes, this is quite normal for cats. Cats who live both inside and outside are not noticed as often of puking of course. Akira is an inside cat. Akira has a sensitive stomach. Just like me. But, he has actually not puked in over a month now. Which is a good sign. The reason must be that I’ve switched to a cat food that is suppose to be for sensitive cats. So I dreamed that this streak ended.

My second dream this night, was a bit of a nightmare. From what I remember, I was trying to rescue a girl. She had been kidnapped by some big monstrous guy. Not a realistic looking human, more like something out of a video game. I remember from the point where I had infiltrated some kind of dark place, either like a industry plant or something under ground.  I was with the girl and we were hiding from this big guy, or someone else, who with a sniper rifle of some kind were looking for us. We were laying flat on some elevated platform. Hiding. But the guy spotted her legs and shot her twice, in her legs.

Next thing I was fighting the big dude with machetes. Some how it felt like we didn’t go all in trying to kill each other. But we were swinging at and slicing one another. Bleeding. Limping. Screaming.

Then some how, it calmed down. And in a kind of tense hostage situation, we sat down at a table playing a board game or something. But we could feel the tension, that at any moment one of us could attack again. I felt that he was the one in charge, but the whole thing was like a game in the sense that he knew he was controlling the situation, but without killing us, he just played with us like dolls. Very uncomfortable.

Then I don’t remember anything else…

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