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My photo album

The most popular picture sharing site (or app) is Instagram. Not long ago I decided I should really have a place to collect and share all my good photos at. I was using my Twitter, but not only in the interface not ideal, but I discovered that after a while the photos are deleted. That’s when I decided to find a separate home for my photos. I very rarely upload photos on Twitter now.

So I went to check out Instagram. But there I discovered something surprising, you can not upload photos that are widescreen, only square or maybe vertical photos can be uploaded. Horrible! WHY is this the most used way of uploading photos? I really don’t understand. I guess it just caught on for some reason and then because the majority follows the majority… That what happens.

So I was looking for an alternative. That’s when I found Flickr. Great website and app for uploading photos. There are some minor things I really don’t like, but it’s better than Instagram simply for the fact that I can upload photos taken the way they are meant to be taken most of the time.

And you can find my photo album right HERE.

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