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Trying to get back

Back on track. I think I’ve made a blog post like this before… Anyway, I’m trying to get back on track with things now. Like job hunting, though the plan is to study something. Something I haven’t been able to decide upon yet. And I actually have a job, but it’s only 6 hours once a week, as a Japanese teacher. I’ll probably write a blog about that or just link my video I’ll be making about it soon.

Exercising, just got back to doing that. With Wii Fit U of course. That’s another blog post. Started on Monday cause it’s a new year and all. I’ve been consistent with Youtube so that’s going forward with a video once a week. Gotta make one tomorrow, might be the one about the job then.

Not sure about the podcast but I really don’t just wanna give it up. Been not doing it because I was in Japan for 6 months. I could write a lot about being back now. I’m just too lazy and put time on other things…

I also gotta finish more video games and watch more anime… I really do feel ashamed. And of course I don’t want to abandon my blog. It’s on my “business card” damn it!

I should really follow the rule of; if it’s too much to tweet about, but not worth making a video about, then I’ll make a blog post.

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