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20 years of Pokémon

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Wow, this thing that Nintendo and GameFreak created 20 years ago is still around. Nintendo has so many IPs and characters that are still around today, one of the biggest franchises in the world, in video games as well as toys and anime, is Pokémon. Many of us were around when it blew up. The first Pokémon games were released in 1996 in Japan, 3 years later it came to Europe. So I was 12 at the time. And I have a few special memories related to this phenomena. They cross my mind from time to time.

I remember my brother’s mother’s friend saying something like “it’s just a new fad, it’ll be gone soon”. And already back then I had a huge interest in Nintendo and I knew that when something is this big, it’s not gonna go away any time soon. I didn’t make any smart comment if I remember correctly but I think I just said “naaa” in a confident way. And thought, “you’ll see”.
Years later I remembered this and thinking “see, I told you lady”.

Another vivid memory is of the Trading Card Game. Which I love and still have a collection of.
I have at least one of every Pokémon from the first generation, and then some. I should count them all one day. I love the cards because of their art and also because of the actual game, I love the game. But I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to play the game. I did it with my brother and one friend who also collected them. (Now I play the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online) Then of course it was a group thing, so have an hobby to share with a lot of people, mainly the trading of cards. Love it. It was my cousin who made me get into it. I first wasn’t sure if I’d start collecting these game cards or just the ones with pictures on them, I’m glad I went for the more fun collection. I’m pretty sure I would have gone down that route anyway. But it was my cousin who paid for and shared a starter pack with me. I loved that feeling of opening a big pack and flipping through brand new cards. And the excitement of buying smaller packs not knowing what to get. They were really expensive though so I can now understand my parents objection to it. But I don’t regret it.

I actually don’t remember if I started with the cards or the game. But again it was my cousin who helped me enter the world of Pokémon, but now in gaming. I got the Red version from him.
And I loved it. And I still love it. Today I’m playing Pokémon Y. I own almost all the main Pokémon games. Red, Gold, Ruby, Diamond and Y. I still have to buy White/Black, and their sequel. Weird how a main game got a sequel like that. Then I also have Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2. As well as Japanese Pokémon Green. And Pokémon Snap.

I love fire Pokémon and always try to have a lot of fire types in my team. And I also try to pick the game based on the color red or fire in some way, or just which Pokémon looks the best on the cover. I wanted Silver instead of Gold but so that I could trade with my friend, I had to get Gold.
japaOh well, at least Ho-oh is a fire type.

Here are some of my favorite Pokémon: Charizard, Growlithe, Gengar, Lapras, Flareon, Mewtwo, Cyndaquil, Sentret, Furret, Misdreavus, Magcargo, Corsola, Houndour, Lairon, Roselia, Pachirisu, Gastrodon, Sandile, Clawitzer.

I remember watching the anime every early weekend morning with my friend sleeping over.
I remember the huge line outside the cinema for the first movie, and crying watching it. I remember getting the diploma for completing the pokédex in Red.

So many memories… And more to come.

Here’s a video Nintendo created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, very well made:

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My photo album

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The most popular picture sharing site (or app) is Instagram. Not long ago I decided I should really have a place to collect and share all my good photos at. I was using my Twitter, but not only in the interface not ideal, but I discovered that after a while the photos are deleted. That’s when I decided to find a separate home for my photos. I very rarely upload photos on Twitter now.

So I went to check out Instagram. But there I discovered something surprising, you can not upload photos that are widescreen, only square or maybe vertical photos can be uploaded. Horrible! WHY is this the most used way of uploading photos? I really don’t understand. I guess it just caught on for some reason and then because the majority follows the majority… That what happens.

So I was looking for an alternative. That’s when I found Flickr. Great website and app for uploading photos. There are some minor things I really don’t like, but it’s better than Instagram simply for the fact that I can upload photos taken the way they are meant to be taken most of the time.

And you can find my photo album right HERE.

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Real life “superheroes”

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When I was about 10 years old, I used to pretend and play with my friend that we were superheroes. One day I told him that when we grow up we should become real superheroes. And never forget this promise we made. It was somewhat inspired by SWAT Cats. I wanted to be like a Cat Man, already back then I had this thing for cat related stuff.


But obviously, this didn’t happen. But I did keep the idea in my head for years and kept thinking “we’re still gonna do it”. But slowly growing up I realized it was just a kid’s fantasy and I wasn’t going to do it.

But now I feel like I almost want to do it on my own. I feel like I would want to wear something simple yet superhero-like, and just go out and help people. Not fight crime, just do stuff like find missing cats or clean up trash from the ground or whatever. I’d be called, The Helping Hand.

And after I saw the movie Kickass some years ago I got the reoccurring thought, in all of time of the modern history and with so many people on this Earth, surely someone must be “crazy” enough to actually try to be a real life superhero. At that time I didn’t look much into it. But because I just got this idea again, I hit Youtube and did some simple searches. And it turns out, that there are actually people who do this!

Some more seriously than others, some are actually doing something and actually help in many ways. It’s scary and it’s a bit crazy, but as long as they don’t break the law and are smart about it, I think it’s an amazing thing.

And I want to share this discovery. Just search on Youtube for “real life superheroes”. The person that stands out the most and that seems to take this as something very real, as well as someone who still seems active, is Phoenix Jones in Seattle. I also liked The Black Rat of Australia.

There’s some different footage to find on Youtube but the most interesting I’ve seen is Phoenix Jones’ own footage from when he’s out on the street. Also saw this documentary about some others who call themselves superheroes. But why hasn’t there been a rich crazy guy like Batman?

It’s extra crazy and dangerous in the USA. I just think that this being real is so damn cool and awesome, and it’s a great thing they’re doing and I admire that. They just need to stay realistic.

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My reaction to Bayonetta and Corrin in Smash 4

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I think Bayonetta was the best choice since if it had to be the last pick. Corrin is at least unique but there are too many Fire Emblem characters in the game, they could have at least skipped Lucina. I think Wolf deserved to come back, having Snake again would have been amazing, and it’s so sad that Ice Climbers couldn’t have made it back because of the 3DS version, I really would have had Ice Climbers (and maybe more stuff) instead of the whole 3DS version. And if we had gotten just one more like Inklings or King K. Rool or Shantae, that would have been the sweet spot. But despite that, the game is amazing and the roster is mind-blowing, so one can’t really complain. Thank you Sakurai and all the people who made, in my opinion, the best game ever. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Here’s my live reaction below.

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Trying to get back

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Back on track. I think I’ve made a blog post like this before… Anyway, I’m trying to get back on track with things now. Like job hunting, though the plan is to study something. Something I haven’t been able to decide upon yet. And I actually have a job, but it’s only 6 hours once a week, as a Japanese teacher. I’ll probably write a blog about that or just link my video I’ll be making about it soon.

Exercising, just got back to doing that. With Wii Fit U of course. That’s another blog post. Started on Monday cause it’s a new year and all. I’ve been consistent with Youtube so that’s going forward with a video once a week. Gotta make one tomorrow, might be the one about the job then.

Not sure about the podcast but I really don’t just wanna give it up. Been not doing it because I was in Japan for 6 months. I could write a lot about being back now. I’m just too lazy and put time on other things…

I also gotta finish more video games and watch more anime… I really do feel ashamed. And of course I don’t want to abandon my blog. It’s on my “business card” damn it!

I should really follow the rule of; if it’s too much to tweet about, but not worth making a video about, then I’ll make a blog post.

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