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“10 Easiest Ways to Save Money” according to Top10Media

06/03/2015 Leave a comment

10. “Price check / Shop online”: Already do this with the majority of the things I buy outside of household items.

9. “Entertainment”: Cheaper cinema tickets early in the day is not a thing in Sweden I believe.

8. “Keep a budget”: Been tracking for 11 years.

7. “Transport”: I only use a bike.

6. “Cancel your gym membership”: Never been to a gym. And I agree, it’s silly to pay for exercise…

5. “Water”: My water bill is always the same regardless.

4. “Regulate electric use”: I tried using a lot less for a month but the change was hardly noticeable.

3. “Don’t impulse buy”: I always try to rethink what I want and not impulse-buy.

2. “Pay bills/get rid of debt”: I don’t automate them but I never miss any bills and I really only have bills I have to have. And I always think dept is a priority. (ot that I’ve ever had a dept)

1. “Cook at home / Buy in bulk”: Never eat outside except about once a month and then I’m not going to some fancy restaurant for sure. I also always buy the cheapest brand except for a few things that taste or work badly.

I’d like to make my own list some day. It would be much longer and detailed though.

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