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Poem: A Sudden Jewel

“A Sudden Jewel”

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming.

Fear of hope, fear of not being able to cope. Dream or nightmare, it is never all fair.

A sparkle in the distance, behind a wall, on the other side of a frozen lake, on the opposite roof top. Stop, I crave discovery. Punch the wall, tip-toe the ice, cast the rope. Impossible to again resist the hope.

Fear, worry, would the light please hurry?

Half way, a diamond is spotted, a mirage or a treasure, the pressure, why measure? It is not a pleasure, yet.

Keeping the balance, holding it in, if I fall I can’t fly nor swim.

A long time becomes short, I know I am not good at this sport. Almost there, I must prepare.

What if… one sudden jewel of wonder can paint a new world of a satisfying heart plunder.

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