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Good iPhone 5 bumpers from China

02/17/2015 Leave a comment

Bought these bumpers for my iPhone 5S, for very cheap. About 13 USD on eBay.


I’m using one from the same seller right now and it’s very good. It’s probably not gonna last as long as Apple’s official ones (thought they no longer make the traditional bumper), but Apple’s are much more expensive. The two bumpers I bought for tripple the price, each, when I had the Phone 4, lasted 2 years at most.

The orange and white one in the picture seems different from the green and the one I’m using now. They seem to be having less rubber. And that’s strange especially considering I have a orange one on now. And the new green one is more like that bumper.

I’d also like to inform you that the buttons are NOT metal, they’re just plastic with silver paint.

But the my are super cheap and doesn’t break after a short time. Below is the link to where you can buy them. I’ve got enough for the rest of my iPhone’s life.

Buy your cheap Chinese bumpers here!

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