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Super Smash bros. 3DS demo impression

This is crazy. I have actually played Smash 4! On 3DS, a demo. Nintendo released a demo in Japan before it’s release in Japan and later a demo for Platinum members of Club Nintendo. Luckily they gave out several download codes to each person. I gotta thank Sisibakbak over at GoNintendo for giving me a download code! Because Nintendo decided to give out codes through Club Nintendo it has left Scandinavian Smashers upset, because we don’t even have Club Nintendo up here. So being a swede I was kind of pissed that they didn’t even give me the chance to get the demo. But apparently the demo comes out for everyone on the 19th of September. Then the game comes out on October 3rd.

Just like a lot of people have been saying, Smash 4 feels new. It feels different and like it’s own game. I was gonna treat it as it’s own game without comparing it to Brawl or Melee to begin with. But when you play it you really know what people who have played it were talking about. It doesn’t feel like Brawl, it doesn’t feel like Melee.

The demo only has 5 characters playable, and Battlefield as a stage. In it’s original form with items, or Final Destination form (dubbed omega form), without items. (tap X before choosing the stage to play the omega form) As expected you can not play online, however you can play local multiplayer. You can play multiplayer with demos from different regions. The characters are: Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager and Mega Man.

I have beaten all characters on level 9 with every character. Another nice thing to mention is that the demo seems to last forever, it doesn’t have a count for how many times you can start the game up like most demos. I don’t think will be the case with the demo out for everyone later, which would make this one special.

It’s really hard to play Smash with another controller than a Gamecube controller. Especially when it’s a handheld system and not a proper controller. The buttons are also a bit differently placed, in the demo there is no options to change that. After a while my hands hurt and often I do attacks wrong because of the circle pad, but I guess it’s all something you get used to. The controls are not bad. I’m just waiting for the Wii U version so I can play “for real”. And I wanna use one of my mains, Ness, Kirby and so on. Then I know more about how the game feels.

In the demo I like to play with Link the most and secondly Pikachu. I do not like Mega Man or Villager, but I can see them being really good if you put a lot of effort in them. Mario is Mario.

While I dislike that some mechanics are gone, I am not a tech heavy player. But for example dansh dancing is really hard to pull off and that’s one thing I like to do. As well as being able to make a quick right-left-right turn to attack. Something I did a lot in previous games. But a lot of other things have improved, like the edge game I think really changes the game and makes it better.

Graphics looks great and framerate is awesome. And I also gotta say that the 3D effect works really well. Both in menus and gameplay it looks really good. I can see myself always using the 3D on New Nintendo 3DS (a new system Nintendo announced not long ago).

I wish my first experience with the game could have been on Wii U. But as a huge Smash fan I can’t stay away from the 3DS version. And I understand why it comes out first even though I wish it didn’t. There’s no release date for the Wii U version.

I have a lot of opinions about Smash 4 but I’m gonna just leave my opinion on the demo here.

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