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A foreign thief

I have to admit something… I stole something when I was in Japan.

When I was in Japan the first time in 2012 I had something high on my list of things to do in the country. I was looking for something. Something small, that I could take, bring home. I wanted to have a part of Japan. The best best way to take a part of Japan would be a rock. And that is what I did. I actually don’t remember where the crime took place, but I somewhere in Tokyo stole a rock from the ground. It wasn’t in a fancy garden or anything, just a rock laying in the gravel of dirt on the ground in whatever spontaneous area I was in.

It’s just cool to be home in Sweden and holding the rock, thinking that you’re holding a piece of an amazing country. It’s a very smooth stone. I almost fear that a rock I would pick up would some how be from another country, imported or someone got with some shipment. I want it to have come from the actual earth of Japan.


Have you ever done anything like this?

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