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My lovely hip bag thingy

I am not sure what to call it, but damn I love it.


This baby I bought in Ueno, Japan. I don’t know what a proper name for it is, but I call it “hip bag”. It’s a bag you wear on the side of your hip. When I was travelling around in Japan I had a simple red bag with one small pocket inside and one big flat on the outside. I could fit everything I wanted on this red bag, but then I saw a photo of Danny Choo (world’s most famous otaku) and he had something attached to the side of his leg. His version is a bit larger and has a strap around the leg. There are many versions of this.

So I looked it up online and even asked him on Twitter, he responded. I saw some on Amazon but I wasn’t sure what to pick. Then I heard from a long time Japanese friend that they sell similar bags in Ueno. So I waited until I got there, this also allowed me to feel it out. And I’m glad I did because this smaller version that isn’t going further down the leg and is strapped on is what I much prefer.

When I went to Ueno to buy this, I actually bought another one first. It was gray and had sort of a flap over the pocket. I picked it because I thought it looked better. This one isn’t so much my style. But what happened was, I didn’t really like it. I was walking around and I went back to my hotel. It was just bothersome to always have to lift that cover up and it was in the way sometimes. And also my sensu (the name for fold-able hand fans in Japanese) wouldn’t fit very well on it. And on top of that, the magnet that held the flap in place came off the bag itself. So I went back the next day and thankfully they were super nice to let me switch. And I was happy to see the other one I was deciding between was still there, the one in the picture.

The bag is can sit higher up and being looped in with a belt. But I don’t wear a belt and there are two things on each side as an option of attachment. So I just went to a 100 yen shop and bought two metal safety clips. So they didn’t come with the purchase. I did get a long strap tough so you can carry it hanging from your back if you want.

The picture isn’t how I always have it. 99% of the time I don’t keep my keys in there (the strap hanging down in the picture), I have the keys in my left pocket. The bag hangs on the right side. And I usually don’t have the fan with me in Sweden. That’s another blog post in it self, the sensu. Love it.

But why do I love this so much? Not only do I like the look of having it on and that I’m the type of person that love gearing up. But it just makes so sense. At least for a guy. Usually a guy doesn’t carry much. But we often carry at least three items. A phone, a wallet, and keys. Living in Sweden I suffer from a skinny pants epidemic. It’s hard to find pants that aren’t tight, at least in my city. It’s fashion”. I hate it, I don’t want tight pants, what the hell man?! (that’s another thing I bought in Ueno, perfectly fitting pants in an American branded store)

A woman has her bag, because women usually carry a lot more stuff. Still I don’t feel that 2, or four, counting the back, pockets is enough. I don’t like having stuff in my back pocket and if you do, sitting down is… a pain in the ass. In Japan guys even have sort of man purses.

This is so perfect, I have my wallet and iPhone in it. And a Pikmin mascot handing on the back as well as a pin with “I love Tokyo” in it (so very gaijin). Sometimes I can even connect stuff to the metal clip in front. It’s so easy to access my phone or wallet. You can take out your phone even when riding the bike or sitting down! The headphones to your phone isn’t being crushed and it’s over all more comfortable to move. You can also have like some tissue paper in there or whatever you want. I do not why this hasn’t caught on more.

I hope with this post and wearing it in public, that I too can make someone go out and buy one of these awesome things.

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