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Axent Wear – Amazing headphone concept

Well it seems to be more than a concept. Still, it’s very early in development.

gallery_2-10509688aa3af367cc8176ea1505c1f4As you might already know, I do love cat ears. Nekomimi, in Japanese. I’m not talking about actual cat ears, but the type you put on your head. And seeing a girl wearing cat ears… well, makes me purr.

I made a post a while back about a pair of headphones in the shape of nekomimi. Unfortunately they were only digital, you can get them in the software Second Life. But now I’ve come across something much more interesting. Headphones in the shape of cat ears, and with speakers on top. So that you can share the music, or if you just feel like playing music aloud.

Like I said, they don’t provide much info but they are trying to make this a reality. And damn do I want this. The price they’re aiming at is 115 USD, whic is pretty much my limit. In terms of quality headphones it’s not that high of a price, it’s just expensive to me. But I would probably buy them regardless, it’s a dream come true. They are so beautiful.

What I’d like to see is that they are wireless and have built-in controls. And having memory on there for actual music to carry around would be amazing and make the product so much unique.

Go to the official website for Axent here: http://www.axentwear.com/

And they actually seem to be more active on Facebook, click the link to see a Q&A post.

(Thanks to Denisa Iuliana Costras for letting me know about this)

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