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Youtube party – part 1

Finally got my next video up! I’m really slacking on the video making lately. Just when I thought I’d get back on track with it. One video per week is always the plan. It’s gonna be easier soon when my job ends.

It was an awesome experience to be at this party. I’m not used to being at bars or parties. It’s just not something I like. I can’t drink well and I’m not a social person.

But I did manage to have a great time even though I sat in a corner most of the time and got slapped around. Yeah, Victor, one of the most famous people who lives in Japan and does videos on Youtube.

I was kind of avoiding him until I got drunk. He didn’t seem to notice me at all. And by the time I was drunk enough to say hi, he was REALLY drunk. And he apparently gets really rough when he gets drunk. He first pushed me in to a wall, not hard, then he slapped my face, and then he made a choking motion on me. Wasn’t scary or anything, it was just funny and so weird and awkward. I’m glad I was a bit drunk.

But he also gave a kiss on my cheek and he gave some advice for life and said I’m a handsome guy and stuff like that. So I know he kind of have a love/hate thing going on with me.

I also met Meagan. Been watching her vlog for a long time (not the beginning though). She has also voiced some annoyance over me. Most of the time I’m just socially handicapped or misunderstood… I never mean any harm. I’m just stupid like that. But it’s nothing serious. She too was excited to meet me. And she wasn’t drunk! She also gave me a little kiss on the cheek as well as a slap in the face, much milder than Victor though.

It was crazy. I met a lot of people, if only for a little chat. Also met two swedes. One that I have to give a shout out to is Sandra, who made me go inside the party (not that I wouldn’t have gone in, but who knows how long I would have stood there?). I was just standing outside for a bit and was scared to go in. But she recognized me as Swedish Otaku, and that was so cool. First time it happened. I got recognized inside two or three times as well. But she just said “shall we go inside?” and I was like “yeah ok”. So thank you Sandra.

I made some other friends (at least on Facebook, I never use that site but I do add people and send my tweets over there automatically) I hope to meet again.

Now I just need people’s help putting a name of all those people in my video.

Again, if you reading this were there and interacted with me, thank you.

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