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The Swedish Otaku Podcast #4

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A special “study Japanese” episode.

I talk about making adjectives into TE-form, physical description for people and how to say going somewhere to do something. Also I talk about my job situation and what will happen in the coming months.

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Hatsune Miku – Last Night, Good Night

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Today I’d like to share this beautiful song by Hatsune Miku, Last Night, Good Night. Makes me want to lay down in bed, close my eyes and cry.

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Heavy snowfall in Tokyo

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I’m a little behind on blogging about this. But this February, the Tokyo area experienced more snow than it has done in over 10 years. Tokyo often doesn’t get much snow. But as you can see in this video there was quite the snow storm. Though it was much worse than in this video. There was a lot of problems in general. Especially with traffic since Japan doesn’t have the proper tools for this kind of weather.

For several days the snow just kept falling and in some places it got very deep. If you search around on Google you can probably find some crazy pictures. As well as some cute and amazing snow sculptures the Tokyo inhabitants had made out of the crazy amount of snow. Typical Japanese I’d say.

Video is courtesy of Tokyo Fashion.

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Test your Asian recognition skills

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Here’s a simple test where you can see how good you are at recognizing the faces of different East Asian people. More specific, Japanese, Korean and Chinese people. I find biology and these kind of racial differences in people very interesting. And I did think that my skill of at least recognizing Japanese people was better. But I’m not very good at all.

I only scored 7 out of 18. T.T I feel so ashamed. Try it out. You have to register but no email is required so just type in whatever in the fields and go. It’s harder than I thought…

> <

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Odd spikes on Japanese railroad

02/25/2014 2 comments

Odd spikes on Japanese railroad

This picture was taken by me on my first trip to Japan in 2012. I was in Kamakura to see the great Buddha, daibutsu. But in this picture you can see some iron spikes on the ground. On a rail road. Why are they there? The only reason I can see is that it’s to prevent people from crossing from one street to the other, diagonally, across the railroad.

To make them not dare to do it. If someone did try it and fell… damn that have to hurt! It’s both smart, and… cruel.

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Mario Seinfeld

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I try not to post just videos on this blog, but there’s so much great stuff out there on Youtube! Gotta write a blog about just Youtube one day… Anyway! This isn’t THAT great but I love Seinfeld and I love Nintendo so it’s a really nice little thing that isn’t so bad it doesn’t work. Have a look.

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New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song!

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And music video! It seems sad… Almost made me cry… Because it feels as if she’s going to stop making music. But she is not. It’s about becoming an adult and graduating and saying good bye to school and all the teachers.

The music video is also like a trip through her past music videos. I like it. This is a good song to end a concert with or… play and cry to when she one day stops making music. T.T

The song is called something like “The beginning of the dream”, with some Japanese play on words at the end I’m guessing.

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