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Temporary J-vlogger – Ep. 3: Gokiburi!

Gokiburi = Cockroach

In this third episode I have a guest in my hotel room, I meet some stray cats and then I have a uncomfortable sleep at a internet café. I was freaking out so much. XD I’ve never seen such a big bug in my life, and have never seen a cockroach

Viewer discretion is advised.

Categories: funny video, Japan, travel
  1. NihongoGears
    01/28/2014 at 05:49

    When I see a gokiburi in my room, I just pretend it’s not there.(笑)
    BTW, the picture of Tokyo Skytree shown on the right is really cool, like a professional photo. That tower is really tall. I can see it from my home using a video camera’s zoom, even though it’s about 40km away from my home.

    • 01/28/2014 at 13:54

      Un, not many gokiburi in Sweden, and not so big.
      Heee, sugoi.

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