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I’m happy with my Wii U, Nintendo isn’t.

We all know Wii U isn’t selling that well, and isn’t getting the support it needs. This makes me sad because I love Nintendo and their consoles. They have made some stupid decisions over the years, but they still deliver on every possible front as a company. It’s just hit and miss. Even though Wii U is a problem for Nintendo, it’s not hurting them much in the long run. As some of know, Nintendo is sitting on a huge pile of money. And according to calculations they could go without a profit until the year 2052 and still not go bankrupt. But Nintendo have always had these “doomsayers”. But to my point, even though Wii U is doing poorly, I’m happy with my Wii U. Sure, I wish it had some more bells and whistles and that it had more 3rd party support and maybe be a bit stronger on the inside. But I’m getting well enough games to play. I’m a hardcore gamer and I own different 8 stationary systems, 4 separate handheld consoles. And then I have the iPhone and PC. I have waaaay too many games to play, and not enough time. I often say that I wish the industry would just stop releasing any games for a whole year. Realistically that’s not a good idea, but for me that would be a good time to play catch-up. I have 5 retail games for my Wii U. Plus some downloaded stuff. It’s been out for over a year. And that’s enough. I love my Wii U for what it does, and I love Nintendo for the games they give me. And personally that’s enough for me, but unfortunately it’s not enough for everyone. So for my sake I’m glad that Nintendo don’t have more games on the system, but as a Nintendo-gamer it hurts to see them suffer. But as I said, we all know the biggest and oldest video game creator isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. featured-image-llth

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