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E3 2013: Day 3

Actually it’s called day 2 but really all the E3 stuff started on Monday. The show floor is open one more day then E3 is over but all the good stuff has come and gone. Let’s just hope Nintendo has some more stuff to reveal in the coming weeks.

| E3 show floor tour by GameInformer

So wish I could be there one day. Not gonna happen though.

| Bayonetta 2 gameplay

Don’t forget to switch to HD!

| IGN Rewind theater: Mario Kart 8

Ok, I’m selling MK7 and getting MK8.

| Batman: Arkham origins – IGN demoing

Not really interested but it looks good.

| Pokémon X & Y – developer round table

I haven’t even played Black & White 1 or 2 yet!

| InFamous 3 – IGN showcase

This games does interest me but I don’t know if I’m buying a PS3 or PS4 yet.

| “When press conferences collide” by GT

Don’t know why some parts are in there but ok, haha.

| The full Nintendo E3 stage demo

In 7 parts.

| Retro Studios explain why they chose Donkey Kong Country in video interview with Reggie

Love Prime, Love DKC. But I wanted something new from Retro. Brand new or another Nintendo IP.

| The Angry Video Game Nerd gameplay
Fuck yeah!


That’s the end of this years E3! See you next year!

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