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E3 2013: Day 2

So in just a few hours it’s time for the last giant to showcase it’s near future of games. The Nintendo Direct can be see here. You can easily find the other full conferences on Youtube or IGN.

| Rayman Legends CGI Trailer

Barbara is awesome. X3

| Smash 4 trailer!


| Find all sorts of media on Nintendo’s E3 page

Haven’t had time to check it myself yet.

| Watch the full Direct here

Nintendo… you dropped the ball again.

| The new “Smash Dojo” website is live

Check out screens from each version.

| Mario Kart 8 trailer

I like it, but I think I’ll just stick to MK7 on 3DS.

| Wind waker HD trailer

Getting this for sure.

| eShop games montage

| A New ‘A link to the Past: A link between worlds’ trailer

Not sure I’m gonna buy this game. I prefer the big 3D Zelda games much more.

| Bayonetta 2 trailer

I will buy this game if it gets higher scores than the first game, if not then I’ll buy the first game.

| New trailer for Monolith soft’s new game on Wii U

It looks good but doesn’t interest me that much.

| Super Mario 3D World trailer

Is this the next big Mario game? Not what I was expecting but I prefer 2D Mario anyways. BUT CAT MARIO AND NEKOMIMI PEACH OMG KAWAII MOE DESU! XD

| Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Donkey Kong Country Returns was a big deal and an excellent game. But is this all Retro Studios is working on?

Developer Direct video on Smash 4

Sakurai tells more about the games.

Wii Fit trainer reveal trailer

With some awesome CGI.

| Nintendo developer interview videos
A lot of interesting stuff.

| IGN demo of Super Mario 3D World

Looking better and better.

| The Final Bosman at E3

Some harsh words for Nintendo.

A big collection of Smash 4 screens/artwork



That’s if for today of this post. Tomorrow will be the second to last day of E3, but the last post from me about E3. I might do a post after that with my thoughts on the big tree’s performances.

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