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E3 2013: Day 0 (pre-E3)

Here I’ll be posting everything related to E3 2013 before the actual show starts on Tuesday.

Official Nintendo Direct stream

This is where to watch the live stream of Nintendo’s E3 “Nintendo Direct”.

| Nintendo’s offical E3 webpage

Find videos and other media coming straight from Nintendo here

| The best source for news

The three best sources are GameTrailersIGN and for all things Nintendo, GoNintendo.

| E3 community on Miiverse

There is now a E3 community up on Miiverse, you can enter with your NNID in a browser or your Wii U.

| Konami pre-E3 show

Watch half an hour of what Konami has to announce before the show starts.

| IGN’s Nintendo podcast crew talking about E3

And playing Animal crossing: New leaf.

| The 8-4 Play podcast

One of my favorite podcasts. E3 hype traaain!

| Nintendo World Report’s E3 podcast

Talk about all sorts of E3 predictions and hopes.

| GoNintendo podcast #408

Second best podcast ever talking about E3 and other Nintendo goodness.

| Photos from the convention

A lot of photos from E3 at the LA convention center. Here, here and here.

| GT Countdown: Best/worst Nintendo moments at E3

Didn’t agree with the number 3 on the worst side of things. But OMG, the number 1 spot on the good side, made me actually teary eye again.

Bonus round: Do we still need E3?


That’s it for this post. Tomorrow (or today rather) E3 kicks off for real and I’ll be sure to summarize some candy for you.

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