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All aboard the E3 hype train! E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, three E’s. It’s a video game centric expo in L.A, the biggest in terms of news and popularity. Tokyo Game Show is actually the biggest one in terms of visitors, because it’s open to the public. E3 is only for press and anyone slightly involved in the industry.

So E3 starts officially on Monday. But already there’s a lot of pre-E3 stuff out there and Konami has even had their conference even! Each day I’m gonna make a post and keep updating it during the day with all the stuff I find interesting or important. Mostly related to Nintendo because I’m a Nintendo fan at heart. So excited for their Nintendo Direct! Nintendo will not have a traditional press conference this year, which is a bit sad. But the news will be the same and they still will have some different showings online and on stage.

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