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E3 2013: Day 1

E3 is on! Today we have Microsoft’s, EA’s, Ubisoft’s and Sony’s pressconference! But tomorrow is the big day for all Nintendo fans. Got a lot of stuff to consume today! Let’s-a-go!

| Watch Dogs CGI E3 trailer

I’m very interested in this game. Probably a buy for Wii U.

| Call of Duty: Ghosts – gameplay with the dog

I have only played the first two Modern warfare games, but I do love the cinematic element of these games. And I love dogs so this game is very interesting to me.

| Video interview with Hideo Kojima about the next Metal Gear Solid

I don’t really have any relationship with the MGS series, but I find the later games interesting. And the latest (two games) visually look amazing.

| Murdered: Soul suspect trailer

This game looks interesting. But no gameplay so far. Stupid that it isn’t coming to Wii U…

| Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z trailer

WTF was that? What is it for? I don’t know…

Dying Light trailer

From the creators of Dead island, comes another awesome CGI trailer…

| Castlevania: Lords of shadow 2 trailer

From the Konami show.

| IGN and Gametrailers streaming live

E3 has begun.

| Battlefield 4 gameplay

This game looks amazing.

| Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay

And this looks even more amazing!

| Project Spark presentation

I think I would like this game.

Crimson Dragon trailer (with sound)

One of the few few XBO games I’d be interested in.

The Evil Within – first gameplay footage

I hate horror movies, but love horror games.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is real

Faith Connors is back! OMFG! I screamed!

| Batman: Arkham origins trailer

With some vague gameplay.

| The Division gameplay presentation

Not coming to Wii U so… no buy unless I buy a PS4 in 2016.

| The Crew gameplay presentation

Also an interesting game but not coming to Wii U either…

| Amazing jab at Microsoft by Sony


The Dark Sorcerer reveal trailer

So impressive and funny. Don’t think this good looking gameplay is possible though.

| Assassin’s creed 4: Black Flag stage demo

Kinda interesting, but I think I want the first or second game more.

| Mad Max reveal trailer

OMFG… This could be so awesome.

| Sony’s jab at Microsoft during the conference

This is so good.


That’s it for today guys. I’m gonna get some sleep and tomorrow is the big Nintendo Direct! HYYYYPE!

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