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E3 2013: Day 3

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Actually it’s called day 2 but really all the E3 stuff started on Monday. The show floor is open one more day then E3 is over but all the good stuff has come and gone. Let’s just hope Nintendo has some more stuff to reveal in the coming weeks.

| E3 show floor tour by GameInformer

So wish I could be there one day. Not gonna happen though.

| Bayonetta 2 gameplay

Don’t forget to switch to HD!

| IGN Rewind theater: Mario Kart 8

Ok, I’m selling MK7 and getting MK8.

| Batman: Arkham origins – IGN demoing

Not really interested but it looks good.

| Pokémon X & Y – developer round table

I haven’t even played Black & White 1 or 2 yet!

| InFamous 3 – IGN showcase

This games does interest me but I don’t know if I’m buying a PS3 or PS4 yet.

| “When press conferences collide” by GT

Don’t know why some parts are in there but ok, haha.

| The full Nintendo E3 stage demo

In 7 parts.

| Retro Studios explain why they chose Donkey Kong Country in video interview with Reggie

Love Prime, Love DKC. But I wanted something new from Retro. Brand new or another Nintendo IP.

| The Angry Video Game Nerd gameplay
Fuck yeah!


That’s the end of this years E3! See you next year!

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E3 2013: Day 2

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So in just a few hours it’s time for the last giant to showcase it’s near future of games. The Nintendo Direct can be see here. You can easily find the other full conferences on Youtube or IGN.

| Rayman Legends CGI Trailer

Barbara is awesome. X3

| Smash 4 trailer!


| Find all sorts of media on Nintendo’s E3 page

Haven’t had time to check it myself yet.

| Watch the full Direct here

Nintendo… you dropped the ball again.

| The new “Smash Dojo” website is live

Check out screens from each version.

| Mario Kart 8 trailer

I like it, but I think I’ll just stick to MK7 on 3DS.

| Wind waker HD trailer

Getting this for sure.

| eShop games montage

| A New ‘A link to the Past: A link between worlds’ trailer

Not sure I’m gonna buy this game. I prefer the big 3D Zelda games much more.

| Bayonetta 2 trailer

I will buy this game if it gets higher scores than the first game, if not then I’ll buy the first game.

| New trailer for Monolith soft’s new game on Wii U

It looks good but doesn’t interest me that much.

| Super Mario 3D World trailer

Is this the next big Mario game? Not what I was expecting but I prefer 2D Mario anyways. BUT CAT MARIO AND NEKOMIMI PEACH OMG KAWAII MOE DESU! XD

| Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Donkey Kong Country Returns was a big deal and an excellent game. But is this all Retro Studios is working on?

Developer Direct video on Smash 4

Sakurai tells more about the games.

Wii Fit trainer reveal trailer

With some awesome CGI.

| Nintendo developer interview videos
A lot of interesting stuff.

| IGN demo of Super Mario 3D World

Looking better and better.

| The Final Bosman at E3

Some harsh words for Nintendo.

A big collection of Smash 4 screens/artwork



That’s if for today of this post. Tomorrow will be the second to last day of E3, but the last post from me about E3. I might do a post after that with my thoughts on the big tree’s performances.

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E3 2013: Day 1

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E3 is on! Today we have Microsoft’s, EA’s, Ubisoft’s and Sony’s pressconference! But tomorrow is the big day for all Nintendo fans. Got a lot of stuff to consume today! Let’s-a-go!

| Watch Dogs CGI E3 trailer

I’m very interested in this game. Probably a buy for Wii U.

| Call of Duty: Ghosts – gameplay with the dog

I have only played the first two Modern warfare games, but I do love the cinematic element of these games. And I love dogs so this game is very interesting to me.

| Video interview with Hideo Kojima about the next Metal Gear Solid

I don’t really have any relationship with the MGS series, but I find the later games interesting. And the latest (two games) visually look amazing.

| Murdered: Soul suspect trailer

This game looks interesting. But no gameplay so far. Stupid that it isn’t coming to Wii U…

| Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z trailer

WTF was that? What is it for? I don’t know…

Dying Light trailer

From the creators of Dead island, comes another awesome CGI trailer…

| Castlevania: Lords of shadow 2 trailer

From the Konami show.

| IGN and Gametrailers streaming live

E3 has begun.

| Battlefield 4 gameplay

This game looks amazing.

| Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay

And this looks even more amazing!

| Project Spark presentation

I think I would like this game.

Crimson Dragon trailer (with sound)

One of the few few XBO games I’d be interested in.

The Evil Within – first gameplay footage

I hate horror movies, but love horror games.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is real

Faith Connors is back! OMFG! I screamed!

| Batman: Arkham origins trailer

With some vague gameplay.

| The Division gameplay presentation

Not coming to Wii U so… no buy unless I buy a PS4 in 2016.

| The Crew gameplay presentation

Also an interesting game but not coming to Wii U either…

| Amazing jab at Microsoft by Sony


The Dark Sorcerer reveal trailer

So impressive and funny. Don’t think this good looking gameplay is possible though.

| Assassin’s creed 4: Black Flag stage demo

Kinda interesting, but I think I want the first or second game more.

| Mad Max reveal trailer

OMFG… This could be so awesome.

| Sony’s jab at Microsoft during the conference

This is so good.


That’s it for today guys. I’m gonna get some sleep and tomorrow is the big Nintendo Direct! HYYYYPE!

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E3 2013: Day 0 (pre-E3)

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Here I’ll be posting everything related to E3 2013 before the actual show starts on Tuesday.

Official Nintendo Direct stream

This is where to watch the live stream of Nintendo’s E3 “Nintendo Direct”.

| Nintendo’s offical E3 webpage

Find videos and other media coming straight from Nintendo here

| The best source for news

The three best sources are GameTrailersIGN and for all things Nintendo, GoNintendo.

| E3 community on Miiverse

There is now a E3 community up on Miiverse, you can enter with your NNID in a browser or your Wii U.

| Konami pre-E3 show

Watch half an hour of what Konami has to announce before the show starts.

| IGN’s Nintendo podcast crew talking about E3

And playing Animal crossing: New leaf.

| The 8-4 Play podcast

One of my favorite podcasts. E3 hype traaain!

| Nintendo World Report’s E3 podcast

Talk about all sorts of E3 predictions and hopes.

| GoNintendo podcast #408

Second best podcast ever talking about E3 and other Nintendo goodness.

| Photos from the convention

A lot of photos from E3 at the LA convention center. Here, here and here.

| GT Countdown: Best/worst Nintendo moments at E3

Didn’t agree with the number 3 on the worst side of things. But OMG, the number 1 spot on the good side, made me actually teary eye again.

Bonus round: Do we still need E3?


That’s it for this post. Tomorrow (or today rather) E3 kicks off for real and I’ll be sure to summarize some candy for you.

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All aboard the E3 hype train! E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, three E’s. It’s a video game centric expo in L.A, the biggest in terms of news and popularity. Tokyo Game Show is actually the biggest one in terms of visitors, because it’s open to the public. E3 is only for press and anyone slightly involved in the industry.

So E3 starts officially on Monday. But already there’s a lot of pre-E3 stuff out there and Konami has even had their conference even! Each day I’m gonna make a post and keep updating it during the day with all the stuff I find interesting or important. Mostly related to Nintendo because I’m a Nintendo fan at heart. So excited for their Nintendo Direct! Nintendo will not have a traditional press conference this year, which is a bit sad. But the news will be the same and they still will have some different showings online and on stage.

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