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Back to Japanese class

02/25/2013 2 comments

So you know I study Japanese, if you follow me on Twitter or anything else I’m doing. (Not doing much blogging though! Haha! … T_T) 2 years ago I stopped going to Japanese class. Why? Because it ended, and then there were no more classes cause my teacher, who’s Japanese, moved to the capital of Sweden. Then it started again, now they had found a teacher, I didn’t go to this class though because it was at the same time as I went to Japan. I still kinda wanted to do it but I figured I’d take the next chance. And so I did.


Today was the first lesson of this term. It’s actually still called term 4. The last term I took. So there will be some repetition, but that’s good, I need it as I’ve forgotten a lot from that time. I have been studying on my own of course! But I still haven’t really gone through what I should know at this stage. I feel ashamed.

So the new teacher, she isn’t Japanese. She’s Swedish. And she’s young. Hard to judge after just one lesson but the whole lesson felt a bit too relaxed or… “loose”. The speed was uneven and she seemed to be unsure of something, she even did some mistakes. Also she doesn’t seem to prepared. I think it lacked some structure and for example, she didn’t translate when we did an exercise. I understood it all, but not everyone did. The first lesson was too easy for me. Still I made a stupid simple mistake. I hate this, I always do. I know I know, making mistakes is good, but it’s not a mistake you learn from because I KNOW this already. I just got something super easy wrong.

I don’t know what level the teacher’s Japanese is on, but she’s still has a lot to study, and I don’t know if I trust a teacher that isn’t Japanese. I feel like I wanna double check it with a native Japanese person. 

I’m still looking forward to the coming lessons a lot. It’s always fun to study with other people and have some more structure by going to class. I’m thankful that they have found a teacher, but I wonder if the last one they had, that was after the one I had, was better. I’m not saying I could do it any better, I’m not sure I could ever teach anything…

Last time I was almost the best in class, now I’m definitely on a higher level than the others. But because I’m so nervous all the time I get blackouts and forget super simple stuff or make stupid mistakes.

I don’t wanna be too harsh so early and I know she at least tries hard. It’s not like she’s annoying or stupid, just not so skilled as I was hoping for. She’s brave to do this and I hope she gets better at both teaching and Japanese. I miss my former teacher so much. She was my first real Japanese friend.

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