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Lindsey Stirling – the video game violinist

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IGN has done a short video interview with a girl that likes to made videos with cosplay and music made on the violin inspired by video games (among other things). She has done some amazing work. Check out Lindsey Stirling’s Youtube channel here and the interview below.

Also check out this funny and cute video from her second channel where she walks around town disguised as her own number one fan.

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How to play Donkey Kong’s Crash Course

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Here’s a video that has to be a world record. It’s a someone playing one of the minigames of Nintendoland for Wii U. Donkey Kong’s Crash Course let’s you control a fragile cart through a course by tilting the Wii U gamepad. Watch this video for some amazing skills.

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Over 250 subs and 200.000 views!

11/23/2012 2 comments

A new milestone on my Yotube channel has been reached! I now have 252 subscribers and over 200.000 video views! I’m very thankful for this. I only wish I had more interactions with my subscribers, and also that I was better at making videos. Also, if you didn’t know already, I’ve changed my Youtube name from “MurdocLC” to “Swedish Otaku”. Only problem is, the URL is still the same. (I also recently reached over 100 followers on Twitter but is back down to 98 now)

My Youtube channel

さむい VS つめたい

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Both “samui” and “tsumetai” means “cold” in Japanese. But like with many words in Japanese they have the same meaning but are to be used in different situations. This is one of the hard parts about Japanese. In the video below, again from, the difference between these two words are explained.

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Tsukasa and Konata singing karaoke

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I don’t know where this is from, but if you like Lucky Star and love Konata like I do, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s Tsukasa (not Kagami like the uploader wrote in the title) and Konata singing Valentine Kiss. Konata is hilarious in the background. XD

I love you Konata Izumi

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Yen on my wall

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Above is a photo of something hanging on my wall. It’s a real 5000 yen bill. I wish it was a 1000 yen bill instead, but the 5000 ome has the best artwork. I’ll only remove it if I’d go broke, haha.

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Reggie Fils-Aime visits the Wii U line in New York

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The Wii U has lunched! But only in America… Europe have to wait another 11 days and Japan 19.

Here’s a video from the day before the lunch where Nintendo of America‘s president Reggie visits the line outside the Nintendo World store. It’s awesome to see the interaction and it’s funny seeing the guy “Triforce” not being there even though he’s suppose to be first in line. At least we know he’s not the first one to get the Wii U since Walmart already broke street date a few days ago. Triforce is too much of a poser in my opinion.

Reggie visits Wii U line

(Can’t embed the video for some reason…)

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