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Continuing the pumpkin game art. Here’s a video with a pumpkin that has Tetris on it… The actual game is playable on the pumpkin. See for yourself.

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Halloween gaming pumpkins!

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 [Upated with more links]

Pumpkin art in the spirit of gaming. Amazing and impressive. It must be very hard to create such vivid portraits. Follow the link to see more. A simple one but my favorite is Navi from The legend of Zelda.

More here, and here, also here.

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Home from Japan

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I’ve been home for like 4 weeks and I haven’t posted anything here yet! Cause I’ve been exhausted, sick and busy. There is so much I wanna show and tell. But right now I’m uploading videos on Youtube from my trip. So before I start posting about the trip here, please go over to my channel and check them out. I got over 4 hours of footage to edit and I’m editing the 5th video right now. There will also be a one video montage of the whole trip, and after that a video with photos.

But I’m gonna try and start posting one post every day on this blog from now. Only now I feel that I’m getting back on track. But I got a lot to do and I don’t sleep enough so that’s the best I can do for now. So check out the videos and look forward to random geeky posts here again and then later more on my amazing trip to Japan.

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