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Nintendo 3DS XL announced!

YES! Finally! A redesign of the 3DS. How this wasn’t in the E3 press conference is strange, or rather, why so soon after E3? Anyway, here it is.

 Though I’m not sure if I’ll buy it even though I’ve been holding out for a redesign and really really want a 3DS. The problem is, the battery life is only like an hour longer, the look isn’t that much better… and get this, it doesn’t come with a charger! This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen Nintendo do. In Europe and Japan, not America for some reason, the Nintendo 3DS XL will NOT come with a charger or cradle. That is fucking stupid… Makes no sense at all!

Only if the cost is lowered and you own like a Nintendo DSi XL and never plan on getting rid of it, but now it’s pretty useless, is it good for you, but not a good move by Nintendo!  What if you are gonna sell one or the other in the future? I don’t know what to do now cause I love my green NDSi XL but now it’s pretty useless, if I sell it or 3DS XL in the future, then I’m gonna have to sell it without a charger… Or buy one just to sell it with the system.

Except from that, it’s pretty damn awesome, having 3D with a bigger screen can be even better. I want the white one but it’s probably Japan exclusive for now. Also I don’t know why it’s not black around the screen, it’s suppose to make it easier to view the 3D, also a dumb move on Nintendo’s part. Europe will get blue, red and silver. I’d pick silver in this case. We’ll see if I get it maybe sometime after I get back from Japan.

Oh and I feel sorry for the guys who were holding off for a redesign but just bought a 3DS cause a redesign wasn’t at E3 and was thought to be a while off…  I was almost a one of those guys.

 Pictures can be seen here

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