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Dead or alive 5 tournament at E3

Oh how I love the video game Dead or alive. It’s my favorite fighting game after the Smash bros. series. I love how it’s close combat and the polish of the games. They are realistic in the sense that there aren’t any crazy weapons or super powers (except a few!), and if humans were that fast, durable and strong, what they do in the game wouldn’t be impossible. Great characters and great controls. My two favorite characters are Jann Lee and Brad Wong, love the Bruce Lee fighting style and the drunken master fighting style.

I played DOA3 a lot at my dad on their Xbox, but I haven’t really played the other games much and have yet to buy a game actually. I want the Nintendo 3DS game Dimensions, mostly for the fact that it was stopped from being sold in Sweden (read about that here). Dead or alive 5 though looks to be a very fine tuned game, even though I don’t like some of the new additions, good thing they seem to be ignorable. The game will be released on September 28, the day I come back from Japan! How convenient. I’ll be buying it as soon as I can. Gonna love it.

At E3 there was a little tournament going on and there are videos of those matches up on Youtube. The game is not the finished version so just be aware that things could improve/change. Below is the first video in a playlist. I like the girl commentator, she knows the game and she has a nerdy cute laugh.

Find the (confusing) playlist here

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