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Picture of the month – June 2012 – I got the ticket!

Daaaaaaaaaamn I’m ashamed of myself. No blogging, no new videos on Youtube, no Japanese study. I just feel so exhausted from my new job. And now I’m gonna start working even more. And my place looks like shit. I really need to get my focus back on and get productive. But there are other things that makes it hard to do all this, something I won’t get in to here.

The good news though, is that I… finally bought a ticket to Japan! I’m going to Tokyo soon! It’s crazy! So unreal!

I’m going on the 12th of September, going home on the 27th the same month. So for two weeks I’ll finally live down my dream that I’ve been waiting for for about 10 years. Been waiting that long, been saving money for about 3 years. The total budget for the trip is 30.000 Swedish kroners, that’s about 4.300 USD. The ticket it self I got for 6319 KR / 907 USD. So the rest of that budget is gonna be converted in to Yen. Gonna be fun to see all that Japanese money in my hands, hihi! I just got a MasterCard just in case.

So this month’s belated picture is a photo of the printed ticket for my trip.

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