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Nintendo 3DS XL announced!

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YES! Finally! A redesign of the 3DS. How this wasn’t in the E3 press conference is strange, or rather, why so soon after E3? Anyway, here it is.

 Though I’m not sure if I’ll buy it even though I’ve been holding out for a redesign and really really want a 3DS. The problem is, the battery life is only like an hour longer, the look isn’t that much better… and get this, it doesn’t come with a charger! This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen Nintendo do. In Europe and Japan, not America for some reason, the Nintendo 3DS XL will NOT come with a charger or cradle. That is fucking stupid… Makes no sense at all!

Only if the cost is lowered and you own like a Nintendo DSi XL and never plan on getting rid of it, but now it’s pretty useless, is it good for you, but not a good move by Nintendo!  What if you are gonna sell one or the other in the future? I don’t know what to do now cause I love my green NDSi XL but now it’s pretty useless, if I sell it or 3DS XL in the future, then I’m gonna have to sell it without a charger… Or buy one just to sell it with the system.

Except from that, it’s pretty damn awesome, having 3D with a bigger screen can be even better. I want the white one but it’s probably Japan exclusive for now. Also I don’t know why it’s not black around the screen, it’s suppose to make it easier to view the 3D, also a dumb move on Nintendo’s part. Europe will get blue, red and silver. I’d pick silver in this case. We’ll see if I get it maybe sometime after I get back from Japan.

Oh and I feel sorry for the guys who were holding off for a redesign but just bought a 3DS cause a redesign wasn’t at E3 and was thought to be a while off…  I was almost a one of those guys.

 Pictures can be seen here

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Dead or alive 5 tournament at E3

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Oh how I love the video game Dead or alive. It’s my favorite fighting game after the Smash bros. series. I love how it’s close combat and the polish of the games. They are realistic in the sense that there aren’t any crazy weapons or super powers (except a few!), and if humans were that fast, durable and strong, what they do in the game wouldn’t be impossible. Great characters and great controls. My two favorite characters are Jann Lee and Brad Wong, love the Bruce Lee fighting style and the drunken master fighting style.

I played DOA3 a lot at my dad on their Xbox, but I haven’t really played the other games much and have yet to buy a game actually. I want the Nintendo 3DS game Dimensions, mostly for the fact that it was stopped from being sold in Sweden (read about that here). Dead or alive 5 though looks to be a very fine tuned game, even though I don’t like some of the new additions, good thing they seem to be ignorable. The game will be released on September 28, the day I come back from Japan! How convenient. I’ll be buying it as soon as I can. Gonna love it.

At E3 there was a little tournament going on and there are videos of those matches up on Youtube. The game is not the finished version so just be aware that things could improve/change. Below is the first video in a playlist. I like the girl commentator, she knows the game and she has a nerdy cute laugh.

Find the (confusing) playlist here

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Picture of the month – June 2012 – I got the ticket!

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Daaaaaaaaaamn I’m ashamed of myself. No blogging, no new videos on Youtube, no Japanese study. I just feel so exhausted from my new job. And now I’m gonna start working even more. And my place looks like shit. I really need to get my focus back on and get productive. But there are other things that makes it hard to do all this, something I won’t get in to here.

The good news though, is that I… finally bought a ticket to Japan! I’m going to Tokyo soon! It’s crazy! So unreal!

I’m going on the 12th of September, going home on the 27th the same month. So for two weeks I’ll finally live down my dream that I’ve been waiting for for about 10 years. Been waiting that long, been saving money for about 3 years. The total budget for the trip is 30.000 Swedish kroners, that’s about 4.300 USD. The ticket it self I got for 6319 KR / 907 USD. So the rest of that budget is gonna be converted in to Yen. Gonna be fun to see all that Japanese money in my hands, hihi! I just got a MasterCard just in case.

So this month’s belated picture is a photo of the printed ticket for my trip.

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Info about Wii U coming from GAME?

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I’m not sure if this is to be taken as true or not, but here is some info on the price and other details for the Nintendo Wii U and it’s launch (at least for Sweden).


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My opinion on the E3 2012 press conferences (and Wii U games)

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E3 just started a day ago. And all the press conferences have been taking place. I’ve seen all except EA’s so far, just recently Nintendo’s. And wow I am very disappointed. I’m a huge Nintendo fan and I usually don’t need much to feel happy about what they do at E3. Usually I can understand Nintendo’s short comings. I’m not a Sony fan, and hardly an Xbox fan either. Though I do own an Xbox 360. And I actually think that SONY had the best conference! Microsoft’s wasn’t very good and Sony’s was ok. So Nintendo REALLY had this one in the bag, or so we thought. They didn’t have to do much to “win” this E3. But they completely dropped the ball this time.

It’s been a year since they announced the Wii U. So a year of preparation and this was it? Watch the conference here.

 They had a few good looking and interesting games for Wii U and 3DS, but it was just too much “casual” and too much focus on small games. And not many games at all. Almost nothing new, almost no new games and no new info. No showing of Retro studio’s game. No new IP from Miyamoto. No F-Zero or Star Fox. No 3DS redesign. No Metroid or Zelda for any platform. No Resident Evil 6 or anything like that. And no info like Virtual console or a walkthrough of the OS! 

Why did they spend so much time on unimportant  talk about stuff we either new or stuff not fit for a showing like this? Why when they could have won so easily after two lackluster conferences from the competitors did they not give us something better/more? I’m not asking for much! Nintendo says they listen to their fans, they say they wanna focus more on hardcore games. But they DID NOT show that now. I really don’t understand Nintendo on that point.

On the third party side we saw some highlights like Mass Effect 3,  Scribblenauts unlimited  and Zombi U. Mass effect 3 is an old game but it was news that it’s coming to Wii U. Zombi U is a new exclusive game,  Scribblenauts unlimited is a new game but a sequel. Others like Rayman Legends, Assassins creed III, Batman: Arkham City and so on are and can be great games but they are old or we knew they would be on Wii U.

Here are some new coming Wii U games.

Nintendo Land: I like mini-games. But when I saw the title I thought “oh finally Nintendo is making a real theme park!”, but no. It’s a mini-game collection featuring Nintendo themes. Could be really fun, but it’s not what we were hoping for and it defiantly got too much time in the conference.

New Super Mario Bros. U: I love 2D Mario games. But the New-series isn’t as good as the best Mario game ever, Super Mario world for Super Nintendo. But this new game is looking better than the last one and has many similarities to World. I like that. But at the same time the graphics should look better, best would be all 2D. Also with 4 games that are so similar, it’s almost a saturation. Almost, cause I love them and they at least have some time apart.

Pikmin 3: We finally got to see this game. It’s looking great. Even though I have never played a Pikmin game, I really want the second game for Wii. But I might hold off for the third game. This was the biggest game of the conference and what made the conference start off so damn good, it was all down hill from there.

Wii Fit U: The only game that makes sense with the U in it’s title. I like Wii fit, I got Plus and it’s really fun. I don’t really like the differentiation that’s being made with the word “casual”, but in that sense this is one of the casual titles. And while I really like Wii fit, yet again it’s more of the same, and not with much difference. Can’t blame them for making it though considering how well the last games sold.

SiNG: I like karaoke and I would want something better than Guitar hero or Rock band, but it didn’t look very interesting. I don’t really get why u would rather hold the controller and read the lyrics on it than see the lyrics on the TV…

LEGO City: Undercover: I don’t get the Lego games… I find them really unnecessary. This is at least not based on any franchise. And it looked to have very high production value and had great graphics. But obviously I’m not interested at all, will be a good kid’s game.

Project P-100: Platinums new game. Should have been at the conference but wasn’t… I’m not really interested in this game but it’s by a liked developer and looks like a futuristic Little king’s story.

Game & Wario: Another game that should have been showed in the conference. A new Wario game! That’s awesome, but it does seem like it’s more a mini-game collection rather than micro-games… I don’t know what to say about that.

Tank! Tank! Tank!: This game is really ugly… I hope it’s a downloadable game only. Do not want.

Zombi U: Ubisoft is the biggest third party supporter for Wii U and this game is the one I’m interested in except from the gorgeous Rayman legends. It’s survival horror game in first-person with an interesting twist. Each time you die you get to play as a new survivor in the zombie apocalypse.  Graphics look good and I like the gameplay. But I hate the fact that this game is the replacement for their comedic horror game Killer freaks from outer space!

See more about these games here

E3 2012 isn’t over yet, the show floor has just opened and later there is a 3DS showcase from Nintendo online. But the big excitement is much lower because of bad Nintendo were at giving us an exciting show. My body wasn’t ready for this…

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