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Project Zero (Fatal frame) 2 coming to Europe for Wii!

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Yeah this is old news but it’s worth noting. Ever since I played Resident Evil 4 I started to love horror games. I do not however like horror films, hate them. Weird hu? Maybe I’ll talk more about that later.

Project Zero, as it’s called in Europe. Fatal frame in America. And just Zero in Japan. It’s a game where usually two girls go through some spooky location with a special camera. I actually don’t know much more than that. But I know the games are regarded is one of the best horror game franchises. There are 4 games out so far. The forth game is rare though, because it was only released in Japan. This is very strange but the one to blame is Nintendo. Nintendo doesn’t often make decisions I disagree with but this is just so stupid I don’t know what to say.  I might buy the game in Japan, because then you can do a soft mod and use a fan translation to play the game in English. 

The developer of the series is Tecmo and Grasshopper Manufacture, they made “Fatal frame 4: Mask of the lunar eclipse” exclusive for Wii. A series that has always been on PlayStation and never on a Nintendo console before. You’d think this would be appreciated and that Nintendo would obviously release it world wide, since the series always have gotten a world wide release. But no… And that is just mean and stupid. Makes no sense at all. This was in 2008. 

Four years later, a remake of the second game,  Crimson Butterfly has been announced for a late European release. The title is “Project Zero II: Deep crimson butterfly”.

I find it odd that this is happening after what happen with Project Zero 4. It’s not like the game wasn’t released here before but it’s still great. After some looking up on Google I found that this game is considered the best in the series. With updated graphics and the Wii controls and maybe something else added, this is sure to be a great experience. Now I’ll buy this instead of the original for PS2.

See the original trailer for the game here. And the Japanese announcement of the remake here.


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Picture of the month – March 2012 – Japan in my wallet

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Japan in my h… wallet?

This is a close up picture of a small piece of paper that I have in my wallet. It’s a bit of a map I drew a heart on an put in my wallet about 10 years ago. The map is in Swedish so that’s why you can’t read some of it. But the message is clear, I love Japan. And while I probably wouldn’t do this today I’ll just let it be there in my wallet for no special reason. Though it is kind of special. Because it’s from the time when I started to get interested in Japan and it’s a representation of my love for Japan. That is stronger than ever.

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